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Our Postal Goods framework delivers access to parcel locker solutions

Our Postal Goods framework delivers access to parcel locker solutions

Parcel lockers provide a convenient contact-free delivery service for organisations and their customers, making the process easier and efficient - which is evidently a significant factor in facing the challenges of Covid-19.

Our Postal Goods, Services and Solutions framework (RM6017) brings public sector customers access to a range of innovative solutions. This includes parcel lockers which can help organisations to manage, store and distribute incoming parcels and goods quickly and efficiently. They allow you to track and inform people when their goods have arrived. As pick-up takes seconds and can be accessed 24/7, it can be used for a range of requirements and provide you with a solution to your postal goods needs.  

Why use a parcel locker service?

Parcel lockers have many beneficial uses across the public sector, including within the NHS. In the current climate hospital beds and space is more valuable than ever and often restricted due to patients waiting around for medication or other things. Parcel lockers make it convenient and provide flexibility for patients to collect medication as and when it is ready. In turn, this assists with freeing up valuable time and space in the hospital and gives patients the flexibility to collect their medication when they are ready.

Additionally, they have been beneficial within universities where delivering packages to a large number of students can often be a challenging task. Parcel lockers within universities have provided efficiency for students and convenience for staff, as parcels can be collected at times that suit them, items are stored securely, staff have traceability of deliveries and automatic notifications are available making the process run smoothly.

What are the benefits?

  • Improved operational efficiency
Automates the parcel delivery, collection, and return process enabling staff to focus on high value tasks. Deliveries are made directly to the parcel locker, removing the need for intervention by a staff member - saving time and cutting operational costs.
  • Contactless solution
Provides contactless parcel delivery, return and collection. The contactless workflow allows parcels to be retrieved or loaded into the machine in seconds, meaning no long queues and a reduction in unnecessary contact with the parcel locker and others.
  • Secure parcel storage
Parcel lockers are constructed with a robust steel design that keeps all goods safe and removes any liabilities from lost or stolen items. They are stored inside the designated locker and can only be retrieved using a one-time PIN or barcode provided to the recipient via email, SMS, text-to-speech or in their mobile application. Access to lockers can be made available 24/7, for convenient self-service pick-up.
  • GDPR
Protects the personal details located on the parcel label or within the parcel itself from being accessed by others, is a necessity.
  • Value added services
Offers value-added services by enabling local service providers such as the local chemist to collect and deliver items, to and from the parcel locker. Access and onboarding of local providers is fast and easy, and brings increased convenience.


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