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Our Library Solutions and Systems framework (350) is now live

Our Library Solutions and Systems framework (350) is now live


Libraries are a key resource within the local community and often receive little funding, which means there is an increasing reliance on technology to bridge the gap. The Arts Council England will publish its 10-year strategy for the arts next month to replace its previous strategy, with expectations that libraries will be given more money and emphasis after years of decline. 

At ESPO, we realise the importance of sustaining and supporting libraries in our communities so we have recently improved and re-launched our new Library

Solutions and Systems framework (350). The new framework offers a wide range of library solutions including library RFID kiosks, self-service technology, library management systems and associated services.

Lot 1A - Library
RFID Solutions
  Lot 1B - Self
Service Technology
  Lot 2 - Library
Management Systems

What’s changed?

  • Customers now have access to self-service technology solutions and hardware, enabling the general public to access libraries during non-staffed hours.
  • We have added a cloud hosted library management system which allows you to keep record of all activity and transactions that occur within the library.
  • For additional peace of mind for our customers, Lot 2 suppliers have been vetted and comply with ISO 27001 accreditation - the global standard for information security management systems.
  • A number of additional services have been included per supplier to provide an up to date and complete library offering.

What are the benefits?

  • These services allow libraries to provide more flexible hours to meet the varying needs of different users within the community.
  • Solutions are available to provide extended access for library users without the need for extra staffing.
  • Self-service technology could unlock the potential to gain new users who otherwise would not have been able to use the library with more limited opening hours.
  • The framework offers a wide range of security options available including CCTV cameras, intruder alarms, RFID security gates, controlled door panels and much more.
  • Suppliers have the ability to integrate RFID solutions with library management systems.
  • Systems can increase efficiency by eliminating manual and paper-based processes for stock checking facilities.
  • There are a range of maintenance packages to suit a variety of needs.

If you would like to find out more about this framework, its services or the suppliers available,
please click here.