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Estates Management Professional Services framework (2700) has been extended

Estates Management Professional Services framework (2700) has been extended

Whether you’re looking to acquire land, conduct a review of your property strategy or even gain advice on dealing with repossessions and evictions, the scope of estate management is huge for any public sector organisation. Your time, budget and resources need to be utilised to ensure that your estates are managed in a safe, controlled and cost-effective manner so it’s important to get it right!

With Framework 2700 you can gain access to a range of estate management professional services relating to the use, management, acquisition, disposal and development of land and property all in one place.

The framework is split into seven distinct lots so that you can easily navigate to the relevant products and services for your needs:

Valuation Service

Including Sub Lots: Fixed Asset Valuation, Rating Valuation, General Valuation

Commercial and Agricultural Agency

Including Sub Lots: Commercial Agency, Agricultural Agency

Lease Management

Property/Estate Management

Strategic Asset Management and Development Consultancy

Planning Consultancy

Including Sub Lots: General Planning Service, Environmental Planning Services

Compulsory Purchase and Compensation


Framework 2700 offers the following benefits:

  Pre-agreed terms & conditions to underpin all orders

  What you see is what you pay - no additional charges

Why use ESPO?

We always work with one objective in mind – making your procurement process as quick and simple as possible! When sourcing your products and services through this framework you can be sure that they are:

Fully compliant

All frameworks are compliant with UK procurement regulations, making the process stress-free and efficient, ensuring you have peace of mind.

Trusted suppliers

Customer satisfaction, finances, social values and much more are checked prior to awarding service providers a position on our frameworks.

Get in touch 

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