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Our Advertising Solutions framework is now live!

Our Advertising Solutions framework is now live!

Whether you are recruiting for new staff, marketing your services to customers or sending vital communications to your stakeholders, we know getting the message right and delivered is important.

We have a new and improved Advertising Solutions framework (3A) offering a quick, simple and competitive route to procure a range of advertising solutions to support you as much as you need when navigating these campaigns.

What does the framework cover?

The framework offers access to pre-approved service providers who have been selected for their ability to provide customers with a comprehensive range of services that combine quality and value. These service providers can be appointed using efficient and streamlined procurement processes; ensuring that customers obtain value-for-money services that meet their requirements.

The framework is comprised of the following six Lots:

Lot 1
Recruitment Advertising
& Related Services
Lot 2
Public Notices
Lot 3
Campaign Advertising
& Related Services


Lot 4
Student Marketing
Lot 5
Public Relations Services
Lot 6
Management of
Commercial Advertising Space

What’s new?

Two new Lots have been added to the renewed framework, bringing public sector organisations Student Marketing via Lot 4 and Public Relation Services via Lot 5.

  Student Marketing
  This Lot is for customers wishing to contract with an organisation that specialises in the provision of a broad range of services in terms of student attraction/recruitment advertising, customer branding and other related marketing services.

Customers can make use of several approaches in order to attract potential students. This may include, but is not limed to: printed press; digital media; social media; billboards, digital screens, poster boards, etc.; promotional/ advertising literature and higher education portals or media platforms.
  Public Relation Services
  This Lot has been established for customers who wish to access a broad range of services in terms of public relations services. Customers can expect to receive support and advice on building, maintaining, enhancing and protecting reputation, trust and credibility with stakeholders and audiences of strategic importance.

Customers accessing this Lot can expect service providers to enhance its communications and relations with a wide range of different target audiences including customers; patients; service users; the general public; the media; and other relevant stakeholders as may be relevant.

Benefits of using the framework

  One-stop-shop solution: A wide range of advertising services have been captured. As a result, the framework provides a one-stop-shop for all advertising needs.
  New Lots: Two new distinct lots have been added; Student Marketing and Public Relations Services.
  More service providers: The number of service providers available has been increased (compared to the previous framework); offering greater choice and breadth of service provision to our customer base.
  Social value enabled: Social Value has been included in this iteration of the framework. This will ensure service providers are able to work with customers to positively impact the communities and environments they operate in with their services.
  Update pricing schedule: The pricing schedule has been updated to capture new and emerging pricing models, ensuring the framework remains future proof as the advertising market continues to evolve.

  “We have generated over £200k through the Management of Advertising Space for Commercial Sponsorship Lot of ESPO’s Advertising Solutions framework. We have been able to re-invest this money into environmental works, such as grass cutting, hedge cutting and forestry work.”

Leicestershire County Council

What to do next

You can download the new Advertising Solutions user guide here to find out further details about the framework, more on what it covers and how to access it.

For further information about our Advertising Solutions framework (3A) you can also get in touch with our team on 0116 294 4072 or email