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Meet Michelle Gill, one of our Procurement Administrators

Meet Michelle Gill, one of our Procurement Administrators

Today we meet: Michelle Gill


Role: Procurement Administrator

How long have you been at ESPO?

I have been at ESPO for three years now as I started my job here in January 2018. The time has flown by though and I cannot believe that I have been here for 3 years already!

What are some of your previous role before joining ESPO?

Previously, I worked as a Peripatetic Music Teacher in many schools in Leicestershire and then as a Primary Teacher before my current role.

How did/what made you get into procurement?

I have always been interested in buying products for the best possible price and searching for excellent deals so I thought this would be a fantastic area for me to move into and develop further. As a Primary Teacher, I used to purchase lovely stationery, exercise books, furniture and other excellent value products from ESPO. The Early Years provision is fabulous and I always enjoyed finding new products for the children to use in their learning in the ESPO catalogue. 

I have learnt about the super frameworks that ESPO offer since working here and I am proud of the great range of frameworks that we have for organisations to choose from e.g. Advertising Solutions, Strategic HR Services, MSTAR3 Managed Services for Temporary Agency Resources, Consultancy Services, Staff Benefits, Managed Training Services, Language Services and Occupational Health Services.

What plans do you and the team have for the future?

We are always seeking to engage with customers to learn how we can make our frameworks easier to use, improving support for customers to help them get even more value for money.

Also, we are constantly working with customers to assess new framework solutions. The People and Professional Services team are currently re-procuring one of our larger frameworks and we are working extremely hard to achieve this for our customers.


Favourite motto or quote:

  Believe in you because your voice is important, because your dreams matter, because there is only one you, because you are worth it.


What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I enjoy seeing friends, speaking French, reading, gardening and playing the flute.