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Make savings with aggregated buying through Framework RM6098

Make savings with aggregated buying through Framework RM6098

In a world where we rely on technology, keeping your hardware and software up to date and within contract can feel overwhelming and expensive.

Our Technology Products & Associated Services 2 (TePAS 2) framework (RM6098) not only provides a single route to hardware, software and services such as installation, project management and training, but also offers the opportunity to participate in aggregation purchases.


What is aggregation?


Aggregation means ‘collective buying’. It usually involves bringing together more than one organisation with similar needs to buy common goods and services from suppliers. It helps you achieve savings that would not be possible through individual buying.


How does it work?


Suppliers on Technology Products & Associated Services 2 (TePAS 2) framework (RM6098) are given the opportunity to take part in the aggregation, offering their best price for software licences and IT hardware collectively identified by the group of customers. Any organisation that is eligible to buy through ESPO can join an aggregation.

Last year 28 customers saved on average 36% (more than £7 million in total) on IT hardware in a local authority hardware aggregation, and on average across the Microsoft aggregations, customers have saved 3.5% against the standard 1% Licensing Solution Partner (LSP)* margin through our old TePAS framework (RM6068). 


Time to supply


Hardware and software aggregations run seasonally and are advertised and open for customers to join about 8 weeks before the tender is published as this give customers the opportunity to increase their buying power. Once the tender is published, it takes about 6 to 8 weeks for the procurement process to be awarded. After this, with support from the aggregation team, your orders can be submitted to the winning supplier.

These timelines may vary depending on the size and complexity of the procurement.


Why get involved?


The benefits of joining this opportunity are:

Price savings in a competitive market

Specialist support from our procurement partners in house software team

Clear account management from the winning supplier including: assistance in new products; suggestions to optimise your estate; and ongoing contract management

Process savings from not having to run the competition yourself

No commitment to enter a contract

Legally compliant route to market


Up-and-coming aggregation

You can find a list of our up and coming aggregation opportunities for Microsoft licensing products and IT hardware below.  To begin the aggregation process you will need to get in touch with our team, who will then ask you to provide further information and complete enrolment forms.

Please use the dates listed below as a guide when considering your interest. 


Get in touch


For more information on aggregation or to discuss our frameworks further, do not hesitate to get in touch!


*An LSP is a Microsoft Partner who is authorized by Microsoft to be named as the Partner of record in enterprise licensing deals. Usually these are Enterprise Agreements.