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Important update regarding Framework accounts on

Important update regarding Framework accounts on

We’ve got some important information about your account. Over the last week we will have completed the merge on organisation accounts for Framework users, bringing together individual users under the same organisation. We expect this change to go live this evening (Monday 2nd August)

What does the update mean?

Currently all Frameworks users have an entirely separate organisation account, which means some organisations have a significant number of accounts.

The update will include the merging of these separate accounts with others that we can identify as being part of the same organisation, so these will instead be a user of a single account for their organisation.

How might this affect my individual account?

  • Your user account details (login and password) won’t change.
  • Only you will be able to see your Frameworks progress, access agreements and confirmation of award. Access to Frameworks is linked to your user account only, so you will have no impact on other users activity in your organisation and others won’t impact your activity.
  • You will be able to see the other Framework users from your organisation listed.

What are the benefits to the update?

  • You will have one single Frameworks account which can enable ESPO to tailor our support to you.
  • It will significantly speed up our processing of new Framework users access requests.

If you or your organisation have any queries regarding this update, feel free to contact