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Implementing improved hygiene practices through ESPO Framework 239 - Initial

Implementing improved hygiene practices through ESPO Framework 239 - Initial

Initial assist Wyndcliffe Primary School to implement improved hygiene practices through ESPO framework Washroom Services (239).

The requirement

With the new academic year having started in September, schools have been focused on implementing various infection protocols to help keep children and staff safe and enable schools to operate safely during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Wyndcliffe Primary School in Birmingham was looking to mitigate the risk of transmission on their site in order to be able to safely continue to educate their pupils. Initial Washroom Hygiene assisted Wyndcliffe Primary School with a detailed hygiene survey of their premises as well as delivering a range of hygiene products and services.

The challenge

Although the UK government has provided detailed guidance about how to create safer schools, translating this text into practical action can be tricky. Alongside familiar topics like hand and surface hygiene, the leadership team at Wyndcliffe Primary School now had to consider a range of new issues such as enabling social distancing and how pupils and staff could safely navigate their site.

The solution

As part of a wider contract with Birmingham City Council, Initial have been providing a range of hygiene services to Wyndcliffe Primary School for the past 10 years. To ensure the best possible hygiene protocols on the site, they went through the following process:

Their local Expert Hygiene Consultant and UK Technical & Innovation Manager conducted a thorough survey, covering Hygiene Factors, Atmosphere, Touch and Social Distancing.   Placing surface disinfectant dispensers around the school enabled staff to disinfect communal surfaces between uses, reducing the risk of the indirect transmission of illnesses.
Following this survey, Initial put forward recommendations for services and products that could help to further raise the hygiene standards on the schools’ site. To aid with compliance, visual reminders such as signage and logo mats, have been placed in strategic locations to help ensure that staff and pupils remember to adhere to good hygiene practices.
Hand sanitisers, including their high capacity Rapid Sanitiser Station which contains alcohol free UltraProtectTM hand sanitiser, were installed at key points throughout the school. Initial installed PPE dispensers and bins to provide access to vital hygiene products and allow for the safe disposal
of used items.
Initial upgraded older hand dryers with new Pebble dryers. The Pebble features a HEPA filter which removes harmful airborne particles from the air used to dry hands.

The results

“Initial have been very efficient and have come in very quickly to support us with whatever we have needed. Every time we’ve called they have been very helpful and have been able to provide the resources we required. Even when sanitisers were out of stock in every local shop, Initial still delivered some the very same morning as we desperately needed them in order to be able to continue to operate safely. The feedback from our parents and students has been positive. Our attendance is at 95%, which demonstrates that we have a setup which is working, and I am delighted that our pupils are able to focus on learning once again.”

Mrs Razia Ali, Executive Head Teacher at Wyndcliffe Primary School​

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