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Help with your catering from ESPO

Help with your catering from ESPO


We understand the needs of each organisation can vary which makes flexibility important, so our Catering Services framework (704) and Consultancy Services framework (664) offer completely tailored catering services and advice shaped around you.

Through our Catering Services framework (704) specifically, service providers can offer end-to-end services such as staff catering, school meals and restaurant style dining - it is completely customised with you in mind.


Need help with more creative menu planning? Or perhaps your marketing isn’t quite as good as it could be? Service providers on our framework can help you with lots of additional services such as these to make sure you get the most out of your catering.

To make it even easier, we have split the framework into three Lots depending on your sector:

  • Lot 1 - Education
  • Lot 2 - Care Sector
  • Lot 3 - Corporate
 (including but not limited to local authority workplaces, leisure centres, exhibition centres, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Defence establishments etc.)

Take advantage of our unique framework benefits

Simple and easy to use.

All of our documents are user friendly including our free templates which include simple prompts to guide you through the process. If you prefer to speak to someone, our experienced team at ESPO are always happy to help - just give them a call or email using the contact details provided below.

Dependable service provider standards.

Whether you have a large or small catering requirement, we know that putting your trust in a service provider can be a difficult decision. We have only included service providers on the framework that we have pre-approved to make sure you receive the highest of standards.


You can access the framework as an individual customer or conduct a further competition as a group depending on what suits your needs best.

Additional support.

Service providers on our Catering Services framework (704) can offer complimentary services if you need them such as menu planning, dining systems and marketing.

In addition, our Consultancy Services framework (664) can provide advice and guidance from market experts in relation to the strategy, approach, enhancements or maintenance of your food and catering provisions. This framework has a dedicated Lot for Food and Catering (Lot 3), with this the following advice can be sourced (but not limited to):

  • Commercial feasibility and technical reviews
  • Equipment and facilities
  • Food and drink menus
  • Food hygiene
  • Healthy eating programmes
  • Nutrition

Service providers on our Consultancy Services framework (664) can also assist with your tendering activity via our Catering Services framework (704), effectively providing additional help in refining your requirement or specification, alongside the provision of market insight and expertise to your catering procurement accordingly.

ESPO can therefore offer a complete procurement solution from the considerations and needs analysis (664) to the implementation and maintenance of your catering services (704).

For more information about our Catering Services framework (704), please contact Genna Muddimer on:

t: 0116 294 4008

For more information about our Consultancy Services framework (664), please contact Chloe Muir on:

t: 0116 294 4072