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Get Crafty with Pritt

Get Crafty with Pritt


Pritt are committed to enhancing the crafting experience for their customers and to achieve this goal, they are constantly innovating and introducing new products. This year, they are excited to announce the launch of their new glitter sticks, which are designed to bring a touch of shimmer and shine to your crafts. Available in stunning purple and green colours, these glitter sticks are perfect for young crafters who want to add some sparkle to their projects.

Pritt understand the importance of sustainability and strive to incorporate eco-friendly practices into all their products. That's why their glitter sticks are made with 96% natural ingredients, including potato starch, water, sugar, and mica (a naturally occurring mineral dust). They also use 40% recycled plastic to create the sticks, ensuring that they are 100% recyclable.

Pritt are committed to producing products that are not only fun and innovative but also sustainable and environmentally friendly and hope their new glitter sticks will inspire young crafters to unleash their creativity while also promoting a more sustainable future.

To celebrate the launch of their glitter sticks, Pritt will be organising the Get Crafty with Pritt competition, giving schools an opportunity to win £5,000! The competition will run from April 2023 until the end of the year. All you would have to do is the following:

Purchase the new 225x43g + 25 free glitter sticks pack

Scan the QR code that can be found on the leaflet inside the pack

Enter your school details on the website (one entry per school)

Full terms and conditions are available here.

The winner will be announced by 31st January 2024, so hurry, purchase this awesome product from Pritt and don’t miss the chance to win £5,000!