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Find out more about Stairlifts, Steplifts, Vertical Through Floor Lifts and Hoists  (364)

Find out more about Stairlifts, Steplifts, Vertical Through Floor Lifts and Hoists (364)

What does this framework cover?

Stairlifts, Steplifts, Vertical Through-Floor lifts and Hoists (364) is designed to support you with the supply, installation, servicing and maintenance of lifts and hoists. This framework offers a range of solutions for helping people move in and around their homes.


This includes:


Ceiling Track Hoists

Inclined Platform Lifts


Vertical Through - Floor Lifts

You can also get maintenance only contracts through the framework to cover your legacy lifts.

Just how much thought goes into tailoring a stairlift?

Our framework has experienced suppliers who will visit the service users home to access exactly what is needed and consider a range of factors for a bespoke solution for each home.

The review includes an expert assessing a range of factors to suggest the most suitable solution for each service user:

  The stairs shape to determine if a curved or straight lift is needed

  Any obstructions, such as doors near the base of the stairs that would then require the track to raise up when not in use

  Required exit points of the lift, for instance in a three-storey home

  The weight limit required

  The width of the stairs, this may affect if there is enough room for the user to ride sideways


How the framework covers compliance so you don’t have to: 

To give you peace of mind, all suppliers on the framework must comply with LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) regulations meaning all stairlifts are inspected and tested a minimum of annually.  

Lifts that are no longer in use and still in good working condition following inspection can be reallocated to a new service user, helping you to save on money and reach your sustainability goals.


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