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Delivering agile, trusted service and innovation at the City of London Corporation

Delivering agile, trusted service and innovation at the City of London Corporation


The Summary

Corporation and Konica Minolta is delivering collaborative innovation, agility and fast, professional service. At the heart of this success is an expert, on-site Konica Minolta Fleet Manager, dedicated every day to helping the City Corporation surface and resolve operational challenges, deliver on its public authority commitments and create a smarter, more efficient digital workplace.  

According to the City Corporation’s Commercial Lead for ICT, Rajiv Rathod, “Konica Minolta is a key strategic partner we work very closely with.” The relationship is also delivering significant efficiency. Konica Minolta digital technology and services are helping the City of London Corporation achieve savings of £2.5 million over five years.

The challenges

The City of London Corporation was relying on an ageing fleet of multifunctional devices (MFDs) and printers across its diverse portfolio of facilities, from the Guildhall headquarters and Barbican property estate, to schools and the Heathrow Animal Reception Centre. Challenges included the lack of common print policies across the estate and an inability to dynamically monitor print volumes and act quickly upon changes in device usage.

“We wanted to shift from a traditional supplier/customer relationship to a partnership that could help us not only make cost savings but also advise on continuous optimisation,” says Rajiv. “Konica Minolta provided a commitment to delivery and showed a strong intention to work with us to transform end-to-end delivery.”

Following a competitive tender process under the ESPO, Crown Commercial Services (CCS) and YPO collaborative RM3781 framework, Konica Minolta successfully retained this contract. The specialist RM3781 Lot 3 framework covers all of The City of London Corporations ongoing needs including MFDs, managed print and content services and records and information management.

Konica Minolta proposed an innovative managed services approach - one aimed at creating an even smarter way for employees to work, streamlining processes and reducing costs. This included fleet rationalisation and the adoption of a consumption-based pricing model for improved transparency of volumes output and cost savings.

More than 500 Konica Minolta MFDs are now deployed across 80 sites within London and the South-East, all backed by Konica Minolta’s SafeQ security controls to protect sensitive information and PrintFleet, the next generation fleet management solution.

One particular challenge was to effectively manage this fleet on a day-to-day basis and optimise it for future operation. Previously, fleet management was provided by a disconnected group of staff across the City Corporation. This fragmented approach could sometimes lead to a delay in resolving fleet issues; while the lack of unified insight also undermined accountability. For example, the City Corporation struggled to understand who was printing what, and from which device.

“Working in partnership, we jointly recognised the need for a single, dedicated fleet management resource – one that would not only deliver instant, on-site support, but also provide proactive, professional advice on how we could enhance our document processes.”

The solution

A full-time Konica Minolta Fleet Manager is now embedded within the City Corporation’s IT function. This certified expert provides operational day-to-day fleet management while innovating smart new ways of working, such as:

  • Continuous fleet optimisation, based on their intuitive understanding of the fleet and the City Corporation’s challenges and goals
  • Proactive fleet maintenance across centralised and de-centralised systems
  • Rapid resolution of all output device-related incidents, management of service desk tickets
    and fast, professional re-instatement of operation
  • Up-to-the-minute KPI reports and adherence to service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Optimal use of SafeQ, centrally recording and accounting for all print, copy and scan
    operations in support of the City Corporation’s consumption-based pricing model
  • Management of ‘Fleet Dashboard’ tracker, highlighting device type, status and location,
    number and proactive/reactive callouts, use of second line support, etc.
  • Accurate, timely management information for informed decision-making on device
    performance, location and right-sizing fleet
  • Prompt, efficient resolution of any billing queries
  • Management of third-party external providers to optimise efficiency, productivity and smart
  • Digital innovation to increase smart working, further reduce print volumes and lower the cost
    of operation - digital mail for example

Konica Minolta recently extended this fleet management solution into the City Corporation’s on-site print room. Both mono and colour devices are supported by Konica Minolta on a managed service delivery model, which offers the City Corporation a more predictable cost model and improved quality of output, while freeing staff time to focus on other print opportunities. The solution includes a workflow solution that supports the printing of payslips.

The Managed Print Service also encompasses the City of London Police and the Central Criminal Court at the Old Bailey. City of London Police is responsible for protecting one of the most challenging environments in the UK whilst leading the national response to fraud. Konica Minolta is ensuring the Managed Print Service meets the City Corporation’s stringent security requirements.

The results


This on-site, dedicated single point of contact - with full accountability and ownership of print related issues - has helped save the City Corporation significant time, money and resources.

By accessing Lot 3 on framework RM3781 the new managed print solution has reduced the Corporation’s print costs by half, resulting in almost £2.5 million in predicted cost savings over five years. It is also now easier to monitor print use, and identify and accommodate individual departments’ print needs. The new devices also print faster and are more reliable.

The Fleet Manager is instrumental in this success. Everything from monitoring consumables and break-fix issues, to fleet rationalisation, and associating machines to volume are in the Fleet Manager’s trusted hands. Crucially, this frees up time, money and resources that Rajiv can devote to other pressing public authority tasks.

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