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Craft for well-being with Pritt

Craft for well-being with Pritt


In today’s world, taking care of our mental health and well-being has never been so important! Crafting can have a positive impact on the well-being of children, whilst supporting cognitive and creative development. 

Crafting is a form of relaxation that can help reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety. It is well known that crafting activities can help to improve mood, increase happiness, and encourage a connection with yourself and others, all of which promote positive metal well-being and mindfulness practices. Furthermore, crafting can also provide a sense of accomplishment which in turn, can help to improve self-belief and confidence.

We’ve teamed up with Pritt to help support the positive mental health of our young people and are happy to share their handy downloadable crafting booklet, focusing on activities to promote positive mental health and well-being! The booklet is ideal for use in the classroom, to work through a series of activities that can help children to understand the importance of self-care, expression, and most importantly, encouraging dialogue about mental health topics.

Pritt have been supporting child development since 1969 and are passionate about improving the world in which we live, through their global social initiatives supporting young people, and their most recent partnership with children’s mental health charity, Place2Be.

That’s why we’re proud to support the work they’ve been doing and bring these resources to you.


Download the printable booklet here.