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Barnardo's - Leading within a contemporary safeguarding environment

Barnardo's - Leading within a contemporary safeguarding environment


Barnardo's, a supplier on our Consultancy Services framework (664), discuss leading within a contemporary safeguarding environment.

The scale of changes within local authorities is vastly driven by the immense financial pressures, changes in our communities and people: different lifestyles, different demographics, different working patterns, different ways of communicating, collaborating and engaging.  A recent Ofsted report stated that ‘The importance of effective child focused leadership in local authority children’s services cannot be underestimated.’ Particularly, whilst the transition from safeguarding boards to local arrangements takes place, and the children’s workforce understand what that means for children and young people.  
So, what do we need from our leaders within a contemporary safeguarding environment?
Barnardo’s Training and Consultancy recognise that strong leaders and managers are needed to assist children’s services to make these changes, whilst also preparing for the future. Leaders need to be passionate about children and young people, knowledgeable about services, work collaboratively with staff to facilitate improvements and have a relentless focus on improving outcomes for children and their families.  We need leaders to look to the future and create opportunities that can capitalise to maximise the impact for all vulnerable children, young people and families.  To do this, we need to recognise that changes to the way things are done impacts on our changing communities and people, corporate partners, commissioners and regulatory bodies.
All service providers in the public, private and voluntary sector need leaders who will use their knowledge and insight to safeguard and protect our children and young people, especially those that are most vulnerable to risk and harm. Leaders need to be innovative and measure impact in order to learn and improve. This will be through the development of new products, approaches or services that support the achievement of the work.  With strong leaders, we can implement more effective and efficient ways of working to effect changes in our communities and for our children and young people.



Barnardos' can be found on Lot 4c: Social Care (Children) of our Consultancy Services framework (664). For more information please click here.