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10 things you should expect free with your janitorial supplies

10 things you should expect free with your janitorial supplies


Here are 10 things you should expect free from your janitorial supplier 

provided by one of our framework suppliers, A+D Supplies.

1 Trigger spray bottle labels: If you dilute cleaning chemicals from concentrate into trigger sprays (and if you're not, you should be) then you must legally have labels on the bottles. You shouldn't have to pay for these, you should get them free from your supplier. Also look for options where the label is printed on the bottle itself.

2 Help with COSHH risk assessments: I bet you know you are supposed to have Material Safety Data Sheets for all the cleaning chemicals you have on site, but do you know about COSHH risk assessments? You need these as well. You may need a bit of help with this and this help should be free and unlimited from your chemical supplier.

3 Dilution wall charts: Again, if you dilute cleaning chemicals, you need some way of getting the dilution correct. Very important: no one can guess right when glugging concentrate chemical from a 5 ltr container into a mop bucket. (Don't laugh, it happens more often than you would care to imagine). Your janitorial supplier should be offering you free wall charts and advice on how to best achieve the right dilution of cleaning chemicals.

4. Staff training: Training's a legal requirement for staff that use hazardous chemicals. How do you go about training your staff in the safe use of cleaning chemicals? Ask your supplier. If they are any good they should offer this free for your staff.

5. Impartial advice: Everyone needs help from others, sometimes. Maybe it's a new floor covering that's proving impossible to get clean or maybe it's a smelly urinal that everyone keeps complaining about. You should be able to get free, expert and impartial advice from your current supplier. You need to know that they know what they are talking about and they won't try and turn a request for help into an opportunity to sell you something you don't need.

6. Online ordering system: This is becoming increasingly important. Your supplier needs to offer you an excellent online ordering system, with a "My Products" list. A system that means you can place your order in seconds.

7. An excellent Customer Service department (that answer their phones): It is the decade of customer service. A friendly, helpful Customer Service department with a can-do attitude and enough staff to answer the phone when you ring, is an absolute must from a supplier.

8. Audits: "If we always do the things we've done, we'll always get the results we've got." Every now and again we need to have a look at the way we are doing things and see if there is now a better way.  This holds good for cleaning. Technology moves on, there are developments in the trade (some of them good, some of them not). Your supplier should be able to audit your whole process and tell you about ways you can save money; ways you could improve results and ways you could save time.

9. Bring you innovation: No one can keep up with everything that's happening in the trade. Your supplier should be keeping you informed of developments in an impartial way. You should expect your supplier to keep you updated about new exciting ways of cleaning.

10. A trusted partnerA supplier should be more than just a supplier, they should be more like a business partner. Your success should be their success. They should only advise you, what's best for you, not what's best for their sale targets. Is your current supplier a trusted partner?

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