Blueair Classic 405 Air Purifier with Particle Filter

Model 405
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  • Completely filters the air in a 40m² room every 12,5 minutes
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for remote control
  • On/off timer
  • Filter replacement indicator
  • Speed control options
  • Wheels- no
  • Integrated air sensors
Full Description
The Classic 405 air purifier allows you to take full control of your indoor air quality with intelligent smartphone control and Alexa compatibility.

Allergen & germ removal
Comes standard with a particle filter to remove airborne allergy and asthma triggers like pollen, dust, pet dander, mould, smoke, bacteria, viruses, and more.

More clean air
By combining two filtration technologies the filter doesn’t need to do as much of the work, so Blueair filters can be less dense - which delivers a uniquely high flow of clean air.
Less noise
A less dense filter material means that the air purifier fan can run at lower speeds, making a lot less noise while delivering a uniquely high flow of clean air.
Less energy
Running at lower speeds also uses a lot less energy - less than a traditional lightbulb

Kills viruses and bacteria
Once captured in the filter, the combination of electrical charging and high air flow kills 99% of germs.
Removes at least 99.97% of particles sized 0.1 micron
HEPASilent technology catches 99.97% of particles down to 0.1 microns in size such as viruses, bacteria and microplastics, while also removing larger particles such dust, pollen, smoke and pet dander.

F400PA Replacement Particle Filter for Classic 400 Series
F400SM Replacement SmokeStop Filter for Classic 400 Series
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Blueair Classic 405 Air Purifier with Particle Filter

Model 405
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