CM2000 grows business with framework contracts

Care Monitoring 2000 has provided electronic monitoring, scheduling and financial management solutions to Britain's home care sector since 1999. The organisation is helping local authorities and care providers to quality-assure and manage the costs of care. Much of the Sutton Coldfield company's success is down to the revenues achieved through winning ESPO framework contracts.

CM2000 strongly believe that being approved on two frameworks from ESPO, has brought great value to their business.

Simon Rider, CM2000's Sales and Marketing Director, said: "ESPO approval sends a clear message to prospective customers about our service and price."

Organisations looking to procure electronic monitoring and/or scheduling can be confident that due diligence has been undertaken by ESPO and that CM2000 meet the rigorous standards required.

CM2000 believe this gives them credibility as it offers prospective customers reassurance about the company's ability to meet their needs, as well as confirming their processes meet OEJU tendering requirements.

 "ESPO framework approval has given us the opportunity to tender for a large number of contracts. Both Staffordshire County Council and Southend-on-Sea Council successfully used this facility to enable them to rapidly procure and implement our CallConfirmLive! System.

The quality and cost benefits of using electronic monitoring and scheduling the care sector are well documented but the procurement process can be complex. The ESPO framework provides useful guidance for customers and suppliers to deliver a transparent and efficient process. CM2000 are delighted with the impact that ESPO approval has had on our business."

Simon Rider, CM2000's Sales and Marketing Director


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