#BluHacks from Blu Tack® - what do you do with yours?

Published on 04/02/2020

You’ve probably used it to stick up artwork in your classroom, but did you know that Blu Tack® actually has over a thousand uses?

Manufacturer, Bostik, has launched a new TV advertising campaign to highlight the product’s multitude of uses, or #BluHacks, that make everyday life that little bit easier.

Whether you’re making a comfy grip for your pen, stopping a desk from wobbling or cleaning up pesky glitter, there’s a #BluHack for that!

You can also use Blu Tack® as a rubber for pencil marks or as a temporary bookmark. And if you’re feeling creative, it can even be used to make slime!

The TV ads form part of a comprehensive campaign including online advertising, social media activity and a dedicated website featuring user-generated #BluHacks.

As part of the campaign, Bostik has also partnered with Teacher’s Pet, a provider of unique and engaging content that helps bring classrooms to life, including downloadable resources, interactive games, topic packs and other teaching aids.
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Visit www.blu-tack.co.uk for more #BluHacks ideas.

ESPO’s #BluHacks: We thought we'd share our own BluHack – using Blu Tack to secure our products for our photoshoots! Here’s a snap from a recent shoot with the #BluHack in action! 

Got an interesting Blu Hack of your own? Here at ESPO, we'd love to hear all your classroom and lesson #BluHacks. Why not share them on social media and tag us!

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