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Published on 08/07/2019

Waterman Group, a supplier on our Consultancy Services framework (664), discuss keeping organisations up-to-date with EHS duties.

With Britain’s exit from the European Union (EU) on the horizon, the issue of legal compliance has never been more bewildering, yet it remains crucial to the success of the nation’s public services.

The United Kingdom’s (UK) established legislative landscape has long been built on a foundation of EU policy and regulation, forming the structure from which business and public sector must operate. 
This means that ensuring legal compliance is a major concern for every organisation, with serious penalties in place for breaches and, in some cases, the potential for regulator imposed shut down.

Guy Jeremiah, Technical Director for EHS compliance at Waterman Group commented:

The current, often extremely complex, environmental, health and safety (EHS) legislative landscapes are largely governed by the EU. The British Government will automatically retain these upon leaving, transferring them to the national statute book, at which point UK legislation can then divert from the EU, representing significant uncertainty for EHS regulation in the future.
Waterman has set up a consultant-supported legal register platform called Greenspace. It allows Waterman to select, document and keep up to-date a client’s EHS duties, also providing tools to audit against applicable requirements and retain evidence to show they are compliant.
This means that, no matter how much legislation changes, Greenspace and our teams across the country support public sector clients to successfully stay on top of their legal responsibilities.
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