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Coding in the classroom: National Coding Week

Published on 18/09/2019

national.png We’ve got a whole range of coding and computing products in our catalogue, suitable for various age ranges across the curriculum.

Check out some of our coding picks below.


Pre-coding Penguin Stones, age 3+

Inspire the use of directional and positional language, matching practice, problem solving, pattern making, logical thinking and sequencing skills. These penguins are specially designed to embed pre-coding skills through an appealing, tactile resource and are even robust enough to be used in ice, sand and throughout the outdoors! Perfect for creating confidence before moving on to digital interfaces. Age 3+
245135                   £30.75


KUBO, age 4+

KUBO makes coding as easy as a puzzle; this robot is a screen-free, easy introduction to computer science and coding for students as young as four. KUBO helps children to develop increasingly advanced programming skills through creative challenges and activities, introducing routes, functions and loops. Free lesson ideas and plans are available for coding inspiration.
  KUBO Coding Set
252018                   £72.65

KUBO Single Body Pack
252026                   £94.50

KUBO Coding Map 1+1
252034                   £13.50


Botley™ the Coding Robot, age 5+

Designed to engage and inspire young learners in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), Botley is suitable for children as young as five years to introduce them to a basic form of coding utilising step coding and logic.
X146225.jpg X146233.jpg 251453.jpg
Botley the Coding Robot
X146225                 £46.00

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Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set
X146233                 £58.00

Botley the Coding Robot Action Challenge
251453                   £10.15


Robot Mouse, age 5+

Specifically designed to develop enthusiasm from a young age for STEM, Robot Mouse provides a basic introduction to the concepts of coding: step coding, logic, development of critical thinking skills. Great for both solo and small group activities. Age 5+
226505.jpg 226513.jpg
Robot Mouse
226505                   £19.85
Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set
226513                   £39.70

BBC MICRO:BIT go, ages 7+

The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that you can code, customise and control to bring your digital ideas, games and apps to life. Users can create anything from games and animations to scrolling stories at school, at home and on the go - all you need is imagination and creativity. The BBC micro:bit is completely programmable:  each of its LEDs can be individually programmed, as can its buttons, inputs and outputs, accelerometer, magnetometer and Bluetooth Smart Technology.
226661.jpg 226688.jpg
Individual Unit
226661                   £11.95
Micro:bit go
226688                   £14.95

Insight-Icons3.png Find our full range of coding and computing resources on pages 632 – 654 of our primary and secondary catalogues or shop online.

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