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Be one step ahead: preparing for Brexit and winter

Published on 30/09/2019


shutterstock_781785538.pngWith the winter months creeping up on us and Brexit on the horizon, the ESPO Energy team are encouraging customers to consider your fuel requirements and start winter planning.

Along with the cold months ahead, it is worth considering the effect that Brexit may have on demand for fuels. Whilst we have been given no indication that fuel availability will be a problem for our customers, it is worth keeping storage facilities suitably filled to avoid last minute panics or shortages.

How can you prepare?

Dialgreen.png 1) Keep an eye on your gauge: Sounds simple, but remember to keep a regular check on the contents of your tank to ensure you’ve got enough to last you for the winter season.

Remember that different types of fuel have different rules. 
LPG tanks should remain at 40% or above where possible and cannot be filled above 85% to allow for natural expansion of gas. For other gases, keep an eye on your monitoring system; if you can see 4 pips or less, it’s time to fill up!
Detailsgrey.png 2) Know your details: Make sure you keep your key details on hand so if you need to place an order quickly, you have all the information ready.

Key information you should keep to hand: your account number, site address, any access or delivery time requirements and finally supplier contact details, which are available on the website or via the ESPO Energy team.
Calgreen.png 3) Remember lead times: Supplier lead times may be affected as they try to satisfy everyone’s demands during inclement weather or high demand. LPG customers can usually expect a lead time of up to 7 days and for Liquid Fuels, the standard lead time is 48 hours.
Cloudgrey.png 4) Consider technology: If you simply want fuel to turn up when you need it, consider investing in telemetry solutions that monitor and manage your tanks automatically. Our LPG and Liquid Fuels suppliers offer telemetry technology based ‘top-up’ solutions that monitor when your tank is running low, and broadcast your tank levels to your supplier and you. Suppliers will then automatically arrange a delivery to you.

Stay one step ahead of the weather and Brexit and ensure your tanks are adequately topped up, supplier contact details are to hand, and you have a plan in place to ensure you don’t run out!

What to do if you’ve run out

In the scenario that your tanks do run dry, don’t panic! Running out of LPG or oil will usually not damage your boiler as safety mechanisms will be in place. Simply place an order with your supplier as soon as possible: please be aware that there may be a further charge to pay for an emergency delivery. Whilst you wait, take steps to retain the heat you have by closing curtains and blocking draughts.

Find out more

For more information please contact our Energy team on or 0116 294 4042.

Alternatively, visit the following framework pages:

Winter/Christmas information

For information about fuel ordering and contact details over the Winter/Christmas 2019 period relating to specific suppliers, please click here.
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