Lean, Green and Keen - Supporting Cycle-Commuting is a quick and easy move towards a healthier and more productive workforce.

Published on 16/01/2019

Cyclescheme, a supplier on our Staff Benefits framework (319), discuss the advantages of cycling to work and the schemes available for employers and their staff.
Ask any HR Manager what their key focus areas are and you’ll be sure to find health and wellbeing strategies, at the top of most lists. The benefits of a healthy workforce are obvious to us all. HR specialists surveyed for the
CIPD’s 2017 Health and Wellbeing at Work Report, believed that proactive employer initiatives had positive results on employee morale and engagement, reduced absenteeism and overall produced a healthier and more inclusive culture.
Employer efforts are backed by Government Policies and Initiatives. November 2018 saw the publication  of
Prevention is better than cure: Our vision to help you live well for longer by the Department of Health and Social Security (DHSS). The paper praises the efforts of employers promoting wellbeing and concludes that, “In the end, a healthy workforce is a more productive one. More employers should follow suit to help improve the health of their staff and of the nation.”

So, what can employers do to bring these laudable and beneficial aims to life? There are manifold options available. Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs), improved Flexible Working Policies and Mental Health Awareness Initiatives can all play a vital role in a successful wellbeing strategy. Encouraging healthy behaviours (in both diet and exercise) is also paramount but perhaps the most difficult for an employer to influence. We’re all encouraged to exercise regularly e.g.
NHS recommend “30 minutes on 5 days every week” - but many of us struggle to fit this in around commitments on our time from both home and work. Sometimes there simply aren’t enough hours in the day, despite our best intentions.

So, how can we build regular, moderate aerobic exercise into our daily routine without impacting our precious leisure time?  Cycle-commuting is a beautifully simple answer to this difficult question. Cycle a few miles to work each day and you’re not only meeting your exercise quota but arriving
more alert, productive and less stressed. Research strongly indicates that cycle-commuters live longer too!
And it isn’t just health benefits. Cycling is by far the cheapest way to cover the miles and in many cases can be the quickest route to work- no more petrol and traffic jams, no more season-tickets for unreliable services.

You may be thinking, rightly, that this all sounds great but wondering where you the employer fit in? Quality cycling facilities – secure storage, showers etc. are a fantastic contribution but the one key action you can take to support your two-wheeled colleagues is by introducing a cycle to work scheme - use the
Finance Act legislation to deliver huge savings off cycling equipment to your employees.
It’s a really simple model - you pay the upfront cost to loan the bike to the employee who then repays you in full through salary sacrifice deductions and can take ownership after they’ve done so. Typically there is a user saving between 25-39% from the RRP.

There are very good reasons why so many businesses and public sector organisations are already on board - around
80% of organisations offering flex benefits have a scheme in place. It is a hugely popular benefit because everybody wins. An employee gets tax-free bike/accessories whilst getting fitter and you see increased wellbeing in the workplace, plus Employer NIC savings too.
The question really isn’t why should you operate a cycle to work scheme, but why wouldn’t you - concerns about cost and admin burdens maybe? No problem, that’s all taken care of.

Specialist cycle to work providers like
Cyclescheme can provide end-to-end management of the benefit and do so free of charge. Your colleagues can access literally any bike model sold in the UK thanks to Cyclescheme’s unique retailer network of over 2000 partner stores and online retailers. Simple application and approval processes mean employees are cycling away on their brand-new bike quickly and with no fuss. Cyclescheme even handle the compliance element of the arrangement to ensure ownership is transferred correctly, in line with HMRC guidance.


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