Launch of our Homecare Monitoring and Scheduling Solutions framework

Published on 07/11/2019

We have recently launched our new Homecare Monitoring and Scheduling Solutions framework (394), which offers a range of software solutions that enable the automation of monitoring and scheduling homecare visits.
What does the framework cover?

The software solutions offer improved efficiency for local authorities and other commissioners of home care by reducing administrative time, increasing productivity and automating time consuming processes.

The framework is split into three Lots which provide:
Lot 1: Homecare Monitoring Solutions
This covers systems that enable the care commissioner to monitor whether its own and/or external care workers have visited a service user to provide care, at what times and for how long.
Lot 2: Homecare Scheduling Solutions
This Lot covers systems that assist the care commissioner in scheduling care workers efficiently depending on variables such as consistency, service user requirements and preferences, care worker availability and routing.
Lot 3: Integrated Homecare Monitoring and Scheduling Solutions
This covers comprehensive systems that combine the functionalities offered by Lot 1 and Lot 2.

What does the framework offer?
Accredited suppliers
Through engagement with both customers and suppliers we understand that data security is a primary concern, therefore we made sure that all suppliers awarded to the framework are accredited to ISO 27001 - the global standard for information security management systems.
Supplier profiles
We have introduced supplier profiles to provide you with additional information on the suppliers appointed onto the framework.
Scalable pricing
The framework pricing is scalable which makes it suitable to customers of all sizes.
Pick and mix your services
You can pick and choose which software modules you require in your call-off to ensure you are only paying for the services you require.
Approved suppliers
We have assessed all suppliers on the framework for their financial stability, professional ability, quality management and approach to business continuity, allowing you to focus on your procurement exercise.

How to procure from the framework
Direct Award

One of our key objectives during the procurement of this framework was to establish a framework that is easy to use.  As a result, customers are able to select a supplier via direct award by using the framework pricing.  We advise that you seek internal advice to ensure a direct award route is suitable for your requirement.
Further Competition

If you are looking to run a further competition under the framework, a dedicated ESPO buyer is on hand to provide guidance throughout.  The framework is set up on the Proactis e-procurement portal for existing users, and we also provide template documents to speed up the process.
How to get started

If you have an account with us, please click here to download the User Guide and Access Agreement form. Send a copy of the agreement to to receive pricing information and template documentation.

New to ESPO? Register for an account here to get started.

For further information about our 394 framework, please contact Catherine Watson on:

t: 0116 294 4008
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