The benefits of Total Facilities Management

Published on 06/06/2017

What is Total Facilities Management?

Facilities Management (FM) is a term used to cover the vast range of services delivered to a customer’s building or estate (multiple buildings either on a single site or across a region or the UK). Facilities Management (FM) covers a large variety of services delivered to a building or estate with services ranging from; building maintenance, electrical inspections, cleaning, reception, pest control, security, waste management and much more.

FM can be delivered as ‘single service streams’, however as activities in customers’ buildings change or as the business grows and the estate expands, managing multiple service lines and contracts can become a significant drain on existing teams. To combat this, customers are increasingly moving towards combining FM services in order to improve the effectiveness of their operations. 

Larger FM companies manage and operate Total Facilities Management (TFM). TFM providers can combine multiple single service streams across both hard and soft services to operate them together in order to minimise management duplication and streamline interoperability of facility services.

Innovative TFM companies also provide the opportunity to incorporate energy solutions to drive cost savings, achieve environmental compliance and derive operational efficiencies from their properties. Outsourcing the management of these functions to a single provider under TFM can create cost-certainty over a number of years.

Outsourcing also provides a single-point of contact for the client organisation, can guarantee that the client's estate is managed in the correct manner e.g. statutory compliance, and allow for synergies within workforce activities. Successful organisations in the future will see TFM as an integral part of their strategic plan.


When should I outsource FM Services?

Facilities management represents a unique set of challenges. As with many other services, FM tends to go unnoticed until something goes wrong. Given the breadth of services that are available within the FM market – from heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC) and mechanical & electrical (M&E), to cleaning, security and landscaping – and all the potential points of failure on any given day, an FM department can face a formidable – and potentially expensive - task. The decision to outsource these services to a dedicated provider should relieve a team of this burden; creating a greater freedom to perform in their chosen field.

Is your organisation ready to outsource, and would doing so create tangible benefits around operational efficiency and cost saving for you? Take a look at the flowchart below created by an ESPO Total Facilities Management supplier, Engie, for an insight into the true potential of outsourcing in FM:



ESPO offers a fully compliant framework that provides a complete suite of Facilities Management services (676) for national use by all public body sectors through a convenient ‘one stop shop’ approach, using one supplier to cover all your facilities management service needs.

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