Inspiration for writing short stories

Published on 11/09/2017

Are you helping your students to write about “the best school day ever” for our short story competition? Or just looking for some story writing inspiration? If so, here are some ideas to get them started. Remember, it can be as imaginative and fantastical as they wish!

Why not think about what activities could take place within each subject – such as sport, music, cookery, history, literacy or art – maybe the school could be visited by a celebrity or a figure from history. Remember that it’s their story... anything could happen!

If you’re looking for some more ways to get your class inspired, take a look at some of these creative writing story-starter products available in the ESPO catalogue (see page 626-628) – perfect for students of any age.

Writer’s Block Cards
80 cards in a cube box
152285 £12.52

Writing Prompt Cubes
6 large dice and activity guide
155195 £7.82

Story Sparkers
50 cards in a box
166464 £12.60

Roll A Story
10 dice and carry sack
201006 £7.79

Story Starter Writing Cards
72 double sided cards
152382 £13.10

Story Spinners
Set of 6 spinners
173304 £8.72

Talking Dice
Starter Pack: 25 dice
167509 £17.69
Student Worksheets
168149 £10.80

Plot Blocks
18 dice, 10 setting mats, and activity guide
225592 £23.30

Story Cards
3 sets of 55 cards: original, adventure, fantasy
225606 £12.15
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