Give your displays that festive feeling

Published on 01/09/2016

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add some festive cheer to your hall ways and classrooms then you’ve come to the right place.

You can get that festive feel without using up too much of your time or breaking the budget by taking advantage of our great range of festive display products.

Border rolls:

Step away from the scissors! Our pre-cut border rolls come in many festive designs and colours and can add that festive feel in an instant.


Crown shaped borders

Pack of 5 colours
ESPO code: 204684
£9.19 per pack


Icicle shaped borders

ESPO Code: 49897
£1.89 each
ESPO Code: 134651
£2.47 each

Christmas trimmers

4 festive designs
12 x 1m strips
ESPO code: 183792
£10.82 per pack


Metallics border rolls

2 each of Gold and Silver
ESPO code: 115797
£6.71 per pack

Metallics rolls

1 each of gold, silver, dark gold and white gold
ESPO code: 127086
£10.71 per pack

Festive display pack

ESPO code: X119843
£45.00 per pack



Finishing touches:

We all know that what really makes a great display are those finishing touches!


Glitter card A4

Pack of 30 sheets
ESPO code: 195103

Autumn leaves jumbo

Pack of 30
ESPO code: 116084
£4.94 per pack

Instant snow

ESPO code: 165085


Glitter letters

Pack of 250
ESPO code: 190330
£9.08 per pack

Glitter circles

Pack of 3000
ESPO code: 165565

Vivid card stack

Pack of 500 sheets
ESPO code: 212245
£15.97 per pack

Glitter numbers

Pack of 250
ESPO code: 195073
£9.09 per pack

Assorted corrugated shapes

Pack of 276
ESPO code: 134902
£5.20 per pack

Autumn leaves - mixed

Pack of 250
ESPO code: 195138
£8.30 per pack

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