Wirral Council appoints a Partner via ESPO’s National Consultancy Services framework (664) to review a New Service Delivery Model for Adult Day Services and Day Opportunities

Published on 09/09/2015

The requirement

Wirral Council undertook an options appraisal to select a preferred delivery model for day services/opportunities.  It was agreed the new model must:

  • Maintain/increase current standards of quality for care.
  • Develop and maintain a sustainable service.
  • Develop a flexible, responsive and rehabilitating service model.
  • Ensure service provision reflects the personalisation agenda.
  • Create a culture where relationships are a priority.

After exploratory exercises/discussions with possible partner authorities, the preferred option identified was a Local Authority Trading Company (LATC).

V4 Services were commissioned by the Council, using ESPO’s National Consultancy Framework, to review the proposed LATC and explore the viability of a new delivery model for these services, in particular the:
  • Likelihood of delivering the Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP); and
  • Ability to deliver services with long term sustainability.

The solution

The review of the LATC/social enterprise option involved an evaluation of the efficiency/effectiveness of the proposal to develop a LATC for the transformation of adult day services/opportunities including:

  • Assessment of project documents, key stakeholder interviews and partner meetings.
  • Model viability.
  • Likelihood of delivering efficiencies identified in MTFP.
  • Ability to deliver long term, sustainable services.
  • Key risks identification and recommendations for success.
  • Opportunities identification and recommendations to improve/expand services.
  • Prioritised recommendations with timescales to ensure successful delivery of LATC.
  • Impact of personal budgets/direct payments.
  • Financial sustainability/viability of services.
  • Market sector, demographic changes/future trends.
  • Impact of employment and pension policies.
  • Relationship with and impact on service users/carers.
  • Management/governance of services.
  • Risks associated with these services.

The work also included a financial/market/SWOT analysis; proposed company structure evaluation and assessment of additional savings opportunities.

The results

V4 services developed a strategic business case setting out a clear rationale for the establishment of a LATC that would deliver sustainable services whilst meeting the Council’s savings needs.

This report was presented to the Council’s Cabinet (March 2014); Members agreed that the development of the LATC model be started.

V4 services were subsequently asked by Wirral Council to assist in the development of the business model and project plan which was taken to Cabinet in June 2014 and approved.

“V4 Services were very thorough in their approach, providing knowledge, focus and momentum. Their liaison and consultation with the range of stakeholders and partners ensured that decisions were taken with full knowledge of the financial and legal position.”

Christine Beyga, Delivery Manager, Wirral Council

To view the Consultancy Services framework (664) please click here

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