Hertfordshire County Council wins Best Public Sector Press Advertisement after using ESPO’s framework (3A)

Published on 30/07/2015

The requirement

Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) wanted to provide greater care for its Adults Services through the recruitment of quality Care Workers. To support this goal, HCC needed to recruit up to 50-60 roles within the department and across a large geographical area. The roles included: Residential Support Worker, Day Service Support Worker, Flexible Support Worker, Senior Support Worker / Day Service Organiser, Day Service Organiser and Driver/Support Worker.

HCC were looking for candidates that had strong communication skills, the ability to empathise and have a drive to deliver quality care and support work. The typical method of recruitment for these roles was usually referrals and listings in local press. HCC needed to cover a wide geographical area and therefore a creative use of media channels was instigated by a supplier on the Advertising and Communications framework (3A), TMP Worldwide.

The solution

Since there was no clear professional background required for these roles, the campaign needed to get across a message to people who were not aware that they could in fact be suitable candidates. The idea therefore behind the campaign “SKILLS” was designed to combat preconceptions and appeal to people who indeed had the “caring” skills that were required for the roles and used in their everyday life.

TMP produced creative messaging that was eye-catching and attractive to appeal to wider audience. A Campaign Destination Site (CDS) was also developed which then helped candidates self-select and see if the role suited them. A toolkit that encompassed the creative concept was designed to market the campaign which included posters, leaflets, internal referral posters, poaching cards and press adverts. All toolkit items sign posted candidates to the CDS where they could choose to apply for the position best suited to them.

The results

Due to the immediate, high-level interest the campaign produced, HCC had to open an additional telephone line to cope with the high level of applicants. The CDS reported that 82.5% of visits resulted in an application.

After 1 month, 88 interviews were arranged and 20 successful candidates were appointed. The campaign’s success has also been recognised in the recruitment marketplace, when in October 2013 it won Best Public Sector Press Advertisement at the Recruitment Business Awards.

“We were impressed by the ‘non-traditional’, look and feel of the campaign as well as its immediate performance.”

Janice Maher, Service Manager, Hertfordshire County Council Adults Services.

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