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WCVA is getting more for less with ESPO’s Document Storage and Retrieval Service framework (2957)

Published on 27/08/2015

The requirement

Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) was looking for a long-term solution to its off-site document storage needs. It is responsible for managing a European and Welsh Government funded project to reduce unemployment and economic inactivity in Wales by investing in organisations that provide the first steps to helping people progress into employment.

Due to the audit requirements associated with the project, WCVA is required to keep documents until at least 2025, with access to the documents required at all times. After receiving a quote from their incumbent supplier for the 10-year contract and in line with their procurement policy, WCVA decided to look around for other solutions.

The solution

WCVA had been in contact with one of ESPO’s Account Managers and had received a framework catalogue with details of all of ESPO’s frameworks. Until looking at the details of what was included in the document storage framework WCVA always thought of it as the physical storage of boxes and hadn’t considered that there are solutions available that include the transportation, indexing and sealing of boxes.

After deciding to use ESPO’s framework WCVA approached all the suppliers to identify one which could best meet its requirements from both an environmental and logistical perspective. A suitable local supplier was found and WCVA started to discuss its requirements with the supplier via a supplier presentation and a visit to the incumbent supplier’s premises to assess the boxes that would be transferred. Following these discussions,

WCVA started to formalise its specification which included the transportation of boxes, the supply of boxes, storage at the off-site facility, and a bar-coding index system to be used with appropriate security seals.

The results

Following further negotiations with the supplier to ensure that the contract was correct and that all parties understood what was required WCVA appointed Box-it Ltd as their supplier. Box-it has an office within 40 miles of WCVA’s head office. The contract they agreed also includes the provision for same day and next day retrieval of boxes to WCVA’s head office, saving staff valuable time and effort when documents are required.

Ultimately WCVA has achieved a service that exceeded the requirements that they set out when they originally started to review their document storage requirements. In addition to the time efficiencies they have achieved, significant savings on the price issued by their incumbent have also been realised. A classic case of achieving more for less!

“As a voluntary organisation, the savings we have made from using this framework mean we have more funding we can put towards achieving the aims of our project.

This is a fantastic achievement and we look forward to working with the supplier.”

Emma Waldron, Procurement and Grants Manager, WCVA

To view a printable version of this case study please click here

To view framework 2957 please click here

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