Photocopier agreement saves over 40% for school

Published on 19/02/2015

The requirement

Fitzjohn’s Primary School in Camden required two new photocopiers to replace their existing machines and reduce their running costs.

The solution

To achieve significant savings, the school turned to the Crown Commercial Service's deal for photocopiers and printers, which was developed in partnership with YPO and ESPO*.

* Multifunctional Devices and Services, Managed Print Services and Print Audit Services framework (RM1599)

The results

Having identified a product which suited their requirement, Fitzjohn’s Primary School purchased two digital machines, known as multi-functional devices (or MFDs), at 40% less than their previous costs.

The £5,000 saving was able to go towards improving student learning, with new art materials and more after school clubs.

The money also supported the school’s kitchen refurbishment.

“This deal delivers big savings and peace of mind - certainly best value. I’ve recommended it to other business managers and they’re seeing great results.”

Frank Swan, Business Manager, Fitzjohn’s Primary School

Fitzjohn’s Primary School used framework RM1599 - this has now been replaced with RM3781.

For further information, please contact: 

Neil Sinnott 
0116 265 7942

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