Milton Keynes Council saves 30% through an extended print service whilst also achieving environmental and security improvements

Published on 19/02/2015

The requirement

Milton Keynes Council needed to replace and improve the current services and solutions available to council employees following expiry of their last print contract. With ageing printing functionality and limited control of existing devices, they recognised the need to address document security issues and improve the environmental impact of unclaimed printing. Existing devices were also sourced from various suppliers with different levels of support. The council wanted a cost effective solution to rationalise their print equipment and reduce internal resource demands by streamlining the support service process through one point of contact and one supplier for all of their printing requirements.

The solution

In order to achieve best value, Milton Keynes Council decided to use the national public sector Multifunctional Devices and Services, Managed Print Services and Print Audit Services agreement (RM1599). Developed collaboratively by the Crown Commercial Service, Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO) and YPO, the agreement offers a range of products, services and suppliers to cater for the varying needs of different public sector organisations.

As a single agreement accessible to the whole sector, it aims to deliver value for money whilst also providing customers with complete transparency of pricing, standardised terms and pre-defined service levels. It is also compliant with procurement rules and regulations, ensuring fair and open competition between suppliers.

Milton Keynes Council appointed Konica Minolta to provide an extended print service under lot 2 of the agreement which offers a full catalogue of multifunctional devices and services, including Print Room services from four suppliers.

Through their solution Konica Minolta have begun to refresh and upgrade the council’s fleet of equipment by installing multifunctional devices across the organisation, including the Print Room managed by Milton Keynes, Service Partnership (MKSP). The council is now able to accurately manage costs and efficiencies by having visibility of device usage across the organisation; enabling excessive use of any device to be identified. Any device being over-used can be relocated and rotated with an under-used device in a different area of the site which ensures the maximum length of service from every device and ultimately best value for the council.

Konica Minolta has also embedded software in the devices as part of their extended print service which, together with identity card readers, provides users with a secure printing function. Users can now print jobs from any device on the network and jobs are only released following authentication of the user through a contactless ID swipe card. Reduced costs and environmental considerations are also supported by default black and white and double-sided
print settings.

The results

Milton Keynes Council is already realising savings in the region of 30% for capital (lease) and service (click) costs. Further savings have been identified through a reduction in paper usage of around 40 to 50 boxes. With further reductions in print volumes of 15-20% associated with the secure printing software and improved efficiencies due to the increased functionality of the new devices, the council is delighted with the impact their Konica Minolta solution has made.

Since the upgrade of devices, the council has also seen a dramatic reduction in service calls and the increased security through card readers and secure release function has improved document security processes. Users no longer need to transport sensitive and secure documents outside of the council buildings.

The next phase of the solution is to introduce automatic ordering of toner and consumables, reducing the number of toners unnecessarily held on sites and reducing the environmental impact of replacing toners prematurely. In order to further rationalise their print, Milton Keynes Council is also exploring auto-relocation of large jobs to their Print Room to reduce the cost of print and impact on the office devices.

Milton Keyes Council used framework RM1599 - this has now been replaced with RM3781.

For further information, please contact: 
Neil Sinnott 
0116 265 7942

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