Bio Products Laboratory achieves annual savings of £50,000 and improves document processes and governance

Published on 19/02/2015

The requirement

As a forward-thinking organisation committed to research, development and technology in a constantly changing market, Bio Products Laboratory wanted to look at how best to manage its document services which had previously been devolved across the group. They were looking for a single supplier to provide managed, cost effective print services with options for the future.

The solution

In order to achieve best value, Bio Products Laboratory decided to use the national public sector Multifunctional Devices and Services, Managed Print Services and Print Audit Services agreement (RM1599). Developed collaboratively by the Crown Commercial Service, Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO) and YPO, the agreement offers a range of products, services and suppliers to cater for the varying needs of different public sector organisations.

As a single agreement accessible to the whole sector, it aims to deliver value for money whilst also providing customers with complete transparency of pricing, standardised terms and pre-defined service levels. It is also compliant with procurement rules and regulations, ensuring fair and open competition between suppliers.

Bio Products Laboratory appointed Konica Minolta to provide an extended print service under lot 2 of the agreement which offers a full catalogue of multifunctional devices and services, including Print Room services from four suppliers. Through specialist consultation activities, Konica Minolta established a foundation of complete and precise data which identified specific document workflows, individual needs and service level demands within Bio Products Laboratory.

Following detailed analysis, including environmental impacts such as electricity, toner use and CO2 emissions, Konica Minolta designed and implemented an optimal solution involving a number of different of initiatives. Initiatives included the installation of 62 networked devices (less than half of the previous number of devices installed) and the introduction of simple steps such as double-sided default print settings to support reductions in print volumes.

Further efficiencies and performance improvements have been achieved through continuous supervision of devices to monitor use, combined with proactive remote monitoring and automatic technician and consumables dispatch.

The results

Bio Products Laboratory has estimated that including the costs of replacing printers, they were previously spending in the region of £150,000 per year on print services. Through the solution delivered by Konica Minolta, Bio Products Laboratory now has improved visibility of print costs through detailed management information reports and can demonstrate projected annual savings of £50,000.

Further savings have also been achieved through an approximate 30% reduction in print volumes.

Bio Products Laboratory used framework RM1599 - this has now been replaced with RM3781.

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