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Content Ordering

If Content Ordering is enabled, once you have finished shopping and completed the checkout process, ESPO will NOT dispatch your goods, but will instead email your organisation with a breakdown of your order for further authorisation. Once ESPO has received authorisation back from your organisation, ESPO will ship your goods as per your normal delivery cycle. In order to use this feature, you will need software capable of importing a BASDA eBIS-XML Content Order. An example of such software is SIMS FMS. If you are a Coventry SIMS FMS user, you MUST tick this box.

If you leave this option blank, no further authorisation is required and ESPO will ship your goods as per your normal delivery cycle. If you wish you may enter a supervisor email address who will receive a breakdown of all orders placed.


If you wish to use Content Ordering, please enter your Content Ordering email address. If you do not wish to use Content Ordering, please leave this field blank.


This person will receive a breakdown of all orders placed.

By completing this form you agree to participate in the use of ESPO's web-enabled catalogue, subject to the following terms and conditions:
  • You are obliged to keep any password provided to you secure and confidential, and you agree not to lend it to anyone else, write it down or use any other password if you forget your own.
  • ESPO will supply you with a unique login and password to the e-mail address on this form. This password must be changed to one you can remember the first time you log in to the ESPO website.
  • You agree to ensure that you will log off your PC if away from your desk since you accept that unattended PCs constitute a security risk.
  • Any electronic order received by ESPO shall be treated as an offer to purchase the goods referred to therein, which if accepted by ESPO shall constitute a binding contract under the terms stated on this page.

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