We're full of suprises...

Our frameworks are full of surprises with many products and services perfectly suited to fulfilling the needs of your education establishment. From schoolwear to academy conversion consultancy, discover your Hidden Gem today.
All these and more available through ESPO frameworks!

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Wake up to the benefits

ESPO frameworks are agreements that have been put in place by our team of procurement experts. They provide a simple route to source eveything you need for your education establishment without having to do the legwork yourself.

‘Lots’ and ‘lots’ to choose from
Each framework is broken down into sections known as ‘lots’ depending on the types of goods and services they include. The framework title that you see acts as an overview and of what might be included and often contains many more products and services than the title alone suggests.

Using the #ESPOHiddenGems campaign we’re highlighting just some of the many different lots found within our frameworks that are ideal for education customers. With over 150 individual frameworks to choose from, that’s a lot of Hidden Gems! So why not spend some time going through our full list of frameworks to see if you can find your own ‘gem’ that could end up saving you both time and money on your future buying decisions?
All the different ‘lots’ included in a framework can be found within the framework’s User Guide, which is available to download for those customers with a MyESPO Account.
Happy hunting!

What to learn more about frameworks?
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