Insurance services II

Insurance services II

Framework RM3731
Status: Extended

Building on the success of the first Insurance Services framework, which has delivered the public sector over £10 million worth of savings since its launch in 2013, the new agreement creates fresh choice for public sector organisations.

Through this collaborative framework, developed in conjunction with CCS, NEPO and YPO, customers can procure a wide range of insurance and insurance brokerage services, including (but not limited to) liability, property & construction, travel & personal accident, motor insurance and some specialist insurances, as well as growing areas of risk such as cyber risk and suretyship.  There are also a number of support services that can be procured, for example claims handling and risk management.

The framework provides a range of services and is split into the following lots:

  • Lot 1 - Insurance and Support Services - In total there are 27 suppliers on this lot. In order to access this lot customers must undertake a further competition either directly with insurers where there is competition or via the use of a broker from lot 2.
  • Lot 2 – Insurance Brokerage and Support Services - In total there are 12 suppliers included on this lot. This lot can be accessed in 2 ways, via direct award or undertaking a further competition. Appointed brokers will then undertake further competitions with the suppliers included on lot 1 on behalf of customers.
The main types of insurance catered for include liability, property & construction, travel & personal accident, motor insurance and some specialist insurances, as well as growing areas of risk such as cyber risk and suretyship.

The framework is available for use nationally by any public sector body in the UK including, but not limited to…

  • Schools & Academies
  • Local Authority Establishments
  • Police & Emergency Services
  • NHS & HSC Bodies
  • Central Government Departments & their agencies
  • Registered Charities

What are the benefits of using this framework?

  • Increased competition and capacity achieved by fir for purpose supply base.
  • Improved and expanded specification including new categories of risk.
  • Quick and easy access to brokerage services as qualifying criteria has been evaluated and pricing established.
  • Improved efficiency in claim management process by quick and easy access to supplier specialising in claims handling services.
  • Access to risk profile and tender template documentation which suppliers require when assessing customer requirements, identifying risks and calculating pricing.
  • Access to free seminars, market intelligence days and webinars as showing the best practise is vital to us and our customers.
  • What you see is what you pay – there are no additional charges to using the framework.
  • Pre-agreed terms & conditions underpin all contracts so there is no need to worry.


This framework provides customers with a large number of suppliers to choose from (including 27 insurers and 12 brokers). A full list of the suppliers included can be found in the full User Guide.

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Insurance services II

Key facts


Start date
01 Mar 2016

End date
30 Apr 2019

Up to 28 Feb 2020

OJEU Contract notice
2015/S 203-369045

OJEU award notice


Last updated
01 Jun 2018

This framework is available for use nationally

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Framework RM3731

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