Banking Services

Banking Services

Framework 384
Status: Preparation of scope documents

This upcoming ESPO framework is intended to offer customers a quick, simple and competitive route to banking services. The proposed lots at this stage are:

Lot 1 - General Banking Services (not including Merchant Acquiring or Bill Payment Services)

This lot includes (but is not limited to) the following services and features:

  • Payment accounts – Used for outgoing payments, for example, creditor cheques, CHAPS, BACS, direct debits, standing order payments, balance requests, commission charges and interest payable, etc.
  • Direct credit accounts – Used for electronic transfers, for example, bank giro credits, standing orders, CHAPS, BACS, faster payments and unpaid direct debits and cheques, etc.
  • Receipt accounts – Used for other amounts paid-in and some electronic transfers, for example, remittances at Cash Centre and Post Offices plus income from card transactions.
  • Rent allowance accounts – Used for benefit payments.
  • Other ancillary bank accounts – Used for other outgoing payments, for example, wage accounts from which staff salaries are paid by BACS, petty cash accounts and treasury deposit accounts, etc.
  • Cash banking facilities (via customers’ security companies).
  • Electronic banking facilities - Providing the following functions:
  • Comprehensive real time balance and transaction data.
  • Electronic money transmission such as CHAPS.
  • Reconciliation data on the accounts.
  • Financial Protection and Remedies.
  • Integration with IT Systems.
  • Account and Relationship Managers.
  • Account Information, Guidance and Assistance.
  • Head Office Collection Account (HOCA) Credits.
  • Cash Management and Credit Interest Arrangements.
Lot 2 - Merchant Acquiring Services

This lot includes (but is not limited to) the following services and features:
  • Processing of card transactions, including Mastercard (Credit & Debit), Visa (Credit & Debit), Maestro and American Express.
  • Processing of card refunds to ‘customer present’ and ‘customer not present’.
  • Mail-order and other ‘customer not present’ processing transactions.
  • Card processing terminals, including ‘Chip & PIN’ terminals which are easy to use and have clear and easily decipherable readouts (with control totals for different card types and overall value of transactions collected).
  • Monthly billing and an ‘End of Day’ analysis of daily card transactions for each terminal.
  • On-site customer training.
  • Clear audit-trails in all card processing documentation.
  • Registration with the FSA offering compelling protection and remedies for customers’ financial protection.
  • Dedicated bank personnel to deal with day-to-day routine telephone and other enquiries from customers’ staff.

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Banking Services

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