Technology Products 2

Technology Products 2

Framework RM3733
Status: Active

This framework provides access to a wide range of IT hardware and software designed by us for all UK public sector customers. The framework replaces Technology Products (RM1054).

A wide variety of IT related products are available, including tablets, PCs, laptops, servers and audio visual equipment. Software licences are also available.

This framework features six lots:

Lot 1: Hardware - This lot is for the purchase of items such as tablets, laptops, PC’s, printers, servers, network equipment, telephones and audio visual products. If you would like to purchase software to work alongside your hardware Lot 3 is recommended. This Lot is further competition only where all suppliers should be invited to respond to your tender.

Lot 2: Software - This lot is for the purchase of software for your devices. If you would like to purchase hardware to work alongside your software Lot 3 is recommended. This Lot is further competition only where all suppliers should be invited to respond to your tender.

Lot 3: Combined Hardware and Software Requirements - This Lot is for customers who have a combined requirement for IT hardware and software and want to purchase it from one supplier. Only suppliers who were awarded to both Lots 1 and 2 have been appointed to Lot 3.

Lot 4 - Information Assured Products - This Lot is designed for use by customers who want to buy enhanced security products or dispose of highly sensitive or confidential information or assets safely and securely. Only suppliers who are compliant with CESG standards are featured on this Lot.

Lot 5 - Volume Hardware Requirements - Lot 5 is right for you if you want to purchase large hardware requirements, typically around 500+ of an identical unit. Customers can contract directly with a manufacturer but further competitions should be completed according to your technical requirements rather than for a specific product provided by a particular brand.

Lot 6 - Catalogue - This lot offers an extensive range of hardware and software products that can be purchased through an easy to use online catalogue, via a direct award.

The framework is available for use nationally by any public sector body in the UK including, but not limited to:

  • Local Government
  • Education to include Academies, Colleges and Universities
  • Fire & Rescue Services
  • Police Force
  • Devolved Administrations
  • Health (i.e. NHS England, NHS Trusts)
  • Central Government
  • Voluntary and Community organisations (i.e. Charities)

What are the benefits of using this framework?

  • A new and improved online catalogue launching in early 2017 (Lot 6);
  • Supplier margin caps on both hardware and software to ensure best value for customers;
  • A clearer lot structure;
  • Improved choice of suppliers;
  • Suppliers vetted on their vendor accreditation and partnership levels;
  • Access to flash sales and aggregated e-auctions;
  • Pre-agreed terms and conditions to underpin all orders to provide peace of mind.


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  • Generic framework agreement
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Technology Products 2

Key facts


Start date
31 Oct 2016

End date
30 Oct 2018

Up to 30 Oct 2020

OJEU Contract notice
2016/S 099-177221

OJEU award notice


Last updated
14 Jun 2017

This framework is available for use nationally

Further help

Kate Richardson
0116 294 4072

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Framework RM3733

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