Electronic homecare monitoring and scheduling solutions

Electronic homecare monitoring and scheduling solutions

Framework 394
Status: Expired

This framework has now expired and we are working on retendering the framework. For more information, please contact our Managing Health and Social Care team on care@espo.org or call 0116 294 4008.

Our Electronic Homecare Monitoring and Scheduling Solutions framework (394) has the potential to save you time and money, as well as supporting the safety of service users. Using a select list of suppliers with proven track records of delivering homecare monitoring and scheduling solutions, this framework is designed to be simple and reliable. The framework is fully compliant with public procurement legislation, therefore by using the framework, customers are exempt from having to undertake any further advertising, supplier assessment or adherence to lengthy EU procurement procedures and so procurement costs and timescales are minimised.

The framework provides you with access to a range of different monitoring and scheduling systems to meet your requirements, while ESPO can also provide support and advice along the way, enabling you to achieve the right results. These systems can provide an array of advantages to your organisation – reducing administrative time, increasing productivity and automating the generation of timesheets and care visits. The framework is also available across the public sector, but is likely to be of particular use to local authorities, health trusts and other care commissioning bodies.

The framework is available for use nationally by any public sector body in the UK including, but not limited to…

  • Local Authority Establishments
  • NHS & HSC Bodies
  • Registered Social Landlords
  • Registered Charities
  • Schools & Academies
  • Police & Emergency Services
  • Central Government Departments & their agencies

What are the benefits of using this framework?

  • Quick & easy to use - This framework is already EU/UK Compliant - we’ve already done the procurement work, so there’s no need to run a full EU tender.
  • Suppliers listed on the framework were assessed during the procurement process for their financial stability, track record, experience and technical and professional ability, before being awarded a place on the framework.
  • It’s free - You will not be charged for using this framework.
  • Flexibility - The suppliers included in the framework between them offer a range of solutions for meeting your monitoring or scheduling requirements, including client- and supplier-hosted solutions, together with modules to integrate with the main social care management systems.
  • Pre-agreed condition - No need to worry about what terms and conditions to use, they’ve all been pre-agreed under the framework and will underpin all orders placed.
  • Professional procurement support is always on hand from ESPO.  Whilst the aim of the framework is to simplify the process by covering all procedural compliance matters on your behalf, it is recognised that sometimes specific guidance, advice or assistance may be required; this is always freely available from ESPO.


  • Advanced Health and Care Ltd,
  • Assistive Partner Ltd,
  • CACI Ltd,
  • HAS Technology Ltd t/a CM2000 and Ezitracker,
  • Malinko Care,
  • TotalMobile Ltd,
  • UDMS Ltd,
  • Webroster Ltd

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Electronic homecare monitoring and scheduling solutions

Key facts


Start date
01 Jun 2015

End date
31 May 2019

Up to

OJEU Contract notice
2015/S 022-035536

OJEU award notice
2015/S 108-196057

Last updated
04 Jun 2019

This framework is available for use nationally

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Framework 394

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