Meal Concepts and Hot Food-to-Go

Meal Concepts and Hot Food-to-Go

Framework 449
Status: Active

This ESPO framework provides access to a range of meal concepts and hot food-to-go products.
The product range available includes pasta, rice and noodle meal pots with a range of meat based and vegetarian sauces, street-food style marinated chicken and sauces served with a variety of bread products, and pizza kits.
All of the suppliers on this framework have been selected for their experience and ability to provide customers with a comprehensive range of products that combine quality and value, and satisfy all dietary requirements and Government Buying Standards, including the dietary requirements for schools.

Did you know about ESPO’s quality assurance procedures? Click here to find out more.

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The framework is essentially a select list of suppliers, all with a proven and successful track record of delivering meal concepts and hot food-to-go products, from whom customers may set up supply arrangements quickly and simply.

The framework offers the following lots:

Lot 1 – Pasta and Rice Based Meals
This lot contains meat based and vegetarian sauces from a range of cuisines, served with pasta, rice or noodles. Light weight disposable food containers are also available to provide customers with a full ‘meal pot’ concept.

Lot 2 – Bread and Wrap Based Concepts
This lot offers street food style chicken marinated in a range of flavours, a variety of sauces (that can also be prepared with vegetables for a vegetarian option), and bread products such as wraps, naans, pittas and more. Customers can also purchase disposable containers and wrapping papers for an authentic street food experience.

Lot 3 – Pizza Kits
This lot contains all the products necessary to build your own pizzas including bases, sauce, cheese and a variety of toppings. Disposable cardboard pizza boxes and slice trays are also available for a complete grab-and-go solution.

ESPO operate a Quality Assurance program for all food frameworks to ensure that standards are upheld on a continuing basis. During the lifetime of the framework a high level of contract management is employed with ongoing reviews and second party audits of the suppliers. Audits address compliance with food safety requirements and the terms and conditions of the contract. Click here for more information on ESPO’s quality assurance procedures.

The framework is available for use nationally by any public sector body in the UK
including, but not limited to…

  • Schools & Academies
  • Local Authority Establishments
  • Police & Emergency Services
  • NHS & HSC Bodies
  • Central Government Departments & their agencies
  • Registered Charities

What are the benefits of using this framework?

  • Pasta Meal Pots from 51p per portion.
  • This framework is compliant with UK/EU procurement legislation - we’ve done the work, so there’s no need for you to run a full EU procurement process.
  • Suppliers listed on the framework were assessed during the procurement process for their financial stability, track record, experience and technical & professional ability.
  • What you see is what you pay – there are no additional charges.
  • Pre-agreed terms & conditions to underpin all orders so no need to worry.


  • Love Joes (Chicken Joes Ltd)
  • Pasta King UK Limited
  • Smartfood UK Limited
  • Theo’s Food Company Ltd
  • TUGO Food Systems Ltd

Further information

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We have also created a useful guide to help you navigate creating a further competition on ProContract, which you can access here.

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Meal Concepts and Hot Food-to-Go

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Start date
01 Jan 2018

End date
31 Dec 2021

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OJEU Contract notice
2017/S 204-420268

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Last updated
26 Mar 2020

This framework is available for use nationally

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Framework 449

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