ESPO operations post-Brexit

Further to the end of the Transition Period and the agreement of a Trade Deal we wish to reassure customers in respect of the impact of these on ESPO’s operations.
In the run up to the UK’s exit from the EU, in line with best practice, we identified potential impact areas, monitored these closely and worked alongside our suppliers in order to minimise the impact across our business. As a result, we have been able to continue our operation with minimal impact on our service to customers.
In respect of our framework agreements, ESPO has been working closely with our service providers to ensure that these will not be impacted as a result of Brexit. However, in line with the call-off terms and conditions, customers should also contact individual suppliers they have contracted through the framework to satisfy themselves that their own particular circumstances and requirements are being fully considered.
In accordance with UK Public Procurement law, all new contract opportunities will henceforth be advertised on the Find a Tender Service. For those contracts already in place which were advertised on OJEU, these will continue to be accessible to customers for the remaining period of the contracts.

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