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Water coolers


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Quadbikes (mowers)


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Voltage optimisation


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Events security


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Rubber stamps


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Document scanning


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Builders materials


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Grass seed


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Jigsaw blades


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Fire extinguishers


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Unleaded petrol


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Mailroom equipment


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Zipped wallets


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Kerbside recycling


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Networking equipment


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Library books

How to

How to: Become an ESPO customer

To become an ESPO customer the process could not be easier: simply complete our online application form.

Once you have submitted your application form; a member of our Registration team will review your details and assess your eligibility. If approved, you will be granted access to your personalised MyESPO dashboard where you can view/download all ESPO Framework user guides and pricing information as well as many other features and benefits. 

How to: Request a catalogue

If you would like to order a printed copy of any of ESPO's catalogues delivered to your business address, please visit our Request a catalogue page and complete the form by entering the quantity required for each of ESPO's catalogues and then clicking on the black 'add to order' button next to that product.

To complete your order request, click on the red 'place order' button located on the right-hand side of the screen and then enter your details.Please note: In some cases, you may need to scroll right using the scrollbar at the bottom of the page in order to make the 'place order' button appear.

How to: Place a catalogue order

Orders can be placed by customers that have an ESPO account. If you don’t yet have a catalogue account, please complete our Registration form.

Online orders

To place an order or to see your order status please visit

Placing a new order over the phone

Please telephone 0116 265 7901 and select option 4 (Mon to Fri, 9am to 4pm).

Please note that direct delivery items (item codes starting A, N or X) cannot be ordered by phone - they can only be ordered through electronic or written methods.

Placing a new order by email/PDF

For standard orders: please email

For XML orders: please email

How to: Use ESPO's e-ordering/e-commerce tools

A downloadable guide to the available e-ordering methods is available on our E-ordering page in PDF format. Also on this page you can download the latest e-catalogue data, as well as ESPO's desktop ordering software.

How to find Material Safety Data Sheets to facilitate COSHH assessments

We work with our supply chain to offer support to customers to ensure that staff are given clear direction on how to safely handle and use chemical (predominantly cleaning) products purchased through our catalogue.

  • The Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) provides information to facilitate COSHH assessments, and information relevant to the personal and environmental impact of chemical usage, and actions required to mitigate risk.
  • The ESPO online catalogue includes downloadable Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) to facilitate COSHH assessments. These are listed against the individual product code listings, alongside other relevant information that may be available from the product manufacturers.
  • Whilst contemporary MSDS’s are available online for download 24 hours a day from the ESPO Catalogue website, they are also available from the product manufacturers’ own websites (most chemicals offered through the ESPO catalogue are branded products, and the manufacturer and product name are easily identified). These are updated as appropriate and will contain the latest available data.
  • Manufacturers also provide instructions, including reference to dosing systems and use of concentrates and dilution rates (dilution rates may of course vary depending upon the purpose for which the product is being used, or the means of application). These may be included within the product labelling, but in a number of cases the manufacturer also provides technical data sheets to support staff to use the products appropriately and safely, and labels to ensure that diluted solution is appropriately labelled. Where appropriate, these too are available for download from ESPO or the manufacturer.
  • ESPO’s supply chain provides ESPO with copies of their data for us to upload onto our own website – this is done as a matter of course when new products are introduced to our range, or when changes are made to the product. Whilst ESPO carries out periodic reviews and spot checks of our website downloads, and those of our supply chain, to ensure that we are presenting contemporary data to our customer base, we will not accept responsibility in the event that the manufacturers have issued revised information without our knowledge. If in doubt, we recommend that customers refer to the manufacturer’s own website.

Please contact if you require any further information.

How to: Purchase goods and services using frameworks

Please browse through the frameworks on our website, and download the User Guides for any you are interested in. User Guides are available to any customer logged in to this website.  If you are not registered, please click here to apply – any public body in the UK (as listed here) is eligible for an account.

Most User Guides include all the information you need to enable you to use the framework. Please note however that there are some exceptions and variations, which are explained on the relevant framework pages. For example, some frameworks have User Guides that exclude pricing, or are not available to download. In these instances, you will need to contact ESPO to request the full documents.

Step 1: Customer Access Agreement

First of all, please review the User Guide to ensure the framework is suited to your needs. On some frameworks the information is split into additional documents, such as a product list or supplier matrix. Once you are happy that you wish to use the framework, please complete the Customer Access Agreement form (from the User Guide appendix) and return it to ESPO.

This document will form part of the audit trail which helps evidence that you are using the framework and so are exempt from conducting the a full tender exercise yourself.  Please note that this does not form any contractual obligation for you to use the framework.

Step 2: Find out how to order

In the User Guide, read the section describing the ordering process for that particular framework; this is important as it can vary depending on the framework in question. Often frameworks will be split into “lots” – these are simply sub-groups of the products or services covered by the framework (often with different suppliers). In some cases there may be separate lots or suppliers for individual geographic areas. The most common routes are:

Call-off without competition

If the framework lists only a single supplier, or your needs can only be met by a single supplier from a number that are listed, you can simply place an order with that supplier (please go to Step 3). This is referred to as a “call-off without competition” or simply “call-off”.

This is most common for frameworks where the products or services are of a generic nature and easily defined, and the customer’s requirement is straight forward, such as the purchase of commonly used  goods at pre-determined fixed prices.

Further competition

If there are multiple suppliers that could potentially meet your needs, a further competition exercise may be required. A further competition may also be appropriate where each customer’s requirement may vary – e.g. if you are procuring a service specific to your establishment, such as a cleaning service – and you wish to obtain a price under the umbrella protection offered by the framework.

A further competition is a formal process to obtain quotations from all of the suppliers listed on the framework that could fulfil your requirements, in a legally compliant way. It is a shorter process than conducting a full tender process yourself as you will be working with a smaller number of pre-approved potential suppliers, to shorter timescales, and to pre-determined terms and conditions.

This enables you to undertake comparisons between the suppliers on a like-for-like basis directly relating to the product or service specification you include within the further competition.

Full information on how to conduct a further competition can be found in the User Guide document for the framework in question. Please let ESPO know if you are considering conducting a further completion exercise, because in many cases we can assist you with this or provide template further competition documentation free of charge.

Step 3: Confirmation of Award/placing your order

Whether you have used the call-off or further competition route, please send a completed Confirmation of Award form to ESPO (from the User Guide appendix, where applicable). This is required in all scenarios where there is more than one supplier listed on the framework.

You can then place your order directly with the supplier. Many User Guides contain a template order form which you can use for this purpose, although many customers choose to use their own standard order forms, or an e-ordering system. Please be aware that the terms and conditions relating to the order will be those included within the framework.

To avoid any confusion, and to ensure you benefit from the terms and benefits of the framework, please remember to quote the ESPO framework reference number on all correspondence with either ESPO or the supplier listed on the framework.

How to: Use My Interest List for frameworks

The My Interest List feature is available to any customer with a MyESPO account – i.e. anyone with a login to If you do not have an account yet, please visit our Registration page.

The My Interest List page can be accessed by pressing “Hello, (Name)” in the top right. Frameworks can be added to your interest list by going to any framework page and pressing the black “Add to interest list” button at the bottom of the page.

To remove a framework from your interest list, first visit your interest list, click the dropdown arrow to the right of the framework name, and then press the red “Remove framework from list” link.

This feature can also be used to notify you about changes to your frameworks. If a framework has been updated since you last logged in, you will see a green numbered icon next to that framework. Simply press the dropdown arrow next to that framework to read further details of the changes.

When a framework on your interest list is updated, you will also receive an email notification informing you of the change. By default you will receive a weekly summary of updates. By pressing the “Manage notifications” link in the top right of the My Interest List page, you can change your preference to instead receive emails every time there is a change, monthly, or never.

How to: Become a supplier to ESPO

Any potential suppliers looking sell to ESPO (so that their products appear in our catalogue), or looking to become listed as a supplier of goods or services on our frameworks, will need to go through our formal procurement process which is described in our Suppliers section.

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