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Fire extinguishers


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Mailroom equipment


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Voltage optimisation


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Networking equipment


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Rubber stamps


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Consultancy Services


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Jigsaw blades


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Quadbikes (mowers)


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Zipped wallets


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Kerbside recycling


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Builders materials


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Unleaded petrol


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Document scanning


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Events security


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Water coolers


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Library books


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Grass seed

FAQs - Customers

Who can use ESPO?

ESPO may supply goods and provide services to any “public body”, defined in the Local Authorities (Goods and Services) Act 1970. The list includes:

  • Local Authorities and certain
    • Central Government Agencies and Ministries
    • The NHS and Emergency Services (Blue Light Services)
    • Schools, Academies, Colleges and Universities
    • Registered Charities
    • Registered Social Landlords
If you would like more information about exactly which organisations are eligible to use our services, please see our OJEU permissible users list.

If you would like to use our catalogue or procurement services, please get in touch.

Why should I use ESPO?

There are many benefits to using ESPO including:

  • Comprehensive procurement service: whether you are experienced in public sector purchasing and need additional assistance or not, ESPO can help guide you through the process. We procure hundreds of frameworks and 'further competitions' every year and our experienced team is here to help you acquire the products and services you need at competitive prices and to a timescale that suits.
  • Purchasing power: ESPO is one of the UK's largest Professional Buying Organisations and is owned by a number of local authorities. This gives us extensive buying power, providing customers throughout the UK with access to a huge selection of public sector frameworks covering many thousands of commonly ordered goods and services, all at highly competitive prices.
  • Full compliance with the UK Public Contract Regulations 2015 (as amended): public sector organisations have to follow a number of rules to ensure fairness and transparency, proportionality and non-discrimination. For newcomers to purchasing, this may seem daunting, but ESPO is on hand to help you navigate through the rules and regulations and sure that all purchases are fully compliant. Our frameworks offer both new and more experienced procurement officers the opportunity to save a lot of time and expense in the safe knowledge that the procurement exercise has been undertaken in a professional and compliant manner.
  • Category expertise: Our category teams are not just procurement professionals. They also understand the sharp end, having many years’ experience of working in the supply chain, both as customers and suppliers. Our teams don’t work for customers, they work with them, and provide continuous support.
  • Choice of goods and services: We offer a wide range of frameworks and contracts, for a comprehensive range of goods and services, and solutions to meet the needs of our customers. ESPO also offers a catalogue range of over 25,000 lines to ensure our customers have the best choice of products in the market.
  • Strategic and client specific procurement: ESPO has the expertise to help customers procure both strategically  important and higher value goods and services. Our category teams can offer qualified procurement staff, guidance and assistance throughout the process.
  • Supporting SMEs and local suppliers: Many ESPO frameworks are split into lots using criteria such as region or product type. This opens up opportunities to more local suppliers and encourages SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) to bid and compete for these smaller value lots, or for work within particular geographic areas.

What services does ESPO offer and how do I use them?

ESPO can help provide products to you in the following ways:

  • Our catalogue: products can be ordered directly through our catalogue of over 27,000 products - these products are delivered either from our own warehouse or directly from the supplier. Orders can be placed by phone, email, online or through your finance system. Please note that before placing your first order you must apply for a credit account with us here.
  • Frameworks: these are agreements containing the details of suppliers of goods or services and that have been through our legally compliant tendering process. Customers are able to order goods directly from listed suppliers, either straight away or after a further competition process (depending on the framework in question). In order to view our framework user guides, we ask that you register on our website here.
  • Bespoke procurement projects: we are also able to work with you to run a procurement exercise specific to your needs. Visit our procurement team pages for contact details and to read about some of our previous work.
We also have a team of dedicated Account Managers who are able to assist with any help or advice you may require, specialising in both the education and non-education sectors. Visit our Contact page to find the Account Manager for your local area.

How do I contact ESPO?

The quickest  and easiest way to contact ESPO is to visit our contact page and then choose the option that best describes your enquiry; you will then be presented with a number of contact options which are best suited to your particular enquiry.


Can't find what you are looking for?

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Or you can raise any questions you may have via the feedback form on our contact page.

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