ESPO is proud to work in partnership with the following organisations:

BESA - Member

We’re pleased to announce that ESPO are an official member of the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA). BESA is a trade association who work on behalf of their members to support UK-based companies that supply goods and services to the education sector. This includes lobbying Government and decision-makers on policy issues, providing information, training and advice and provide marketing opportunities and savings for BESA members in the UK and internationally.

SOPO - Member

The Society of Procurement Officers in Local Government (SOPO) engages in a range of activities to promote its strategic purchasing, contracting and supplies functions. Representing over 2900 members, SOPO provides area networks and forums and produces guidance on best practice.

Its aim is to advise local authorities throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland on all purchasing and supplies matters of national/general interest, and represent its members on other bodies to promote the society and its aims.

ISBL - Approved Partner

ESPO are approved partners of ISBL - the Institute of School Business Leadership (previously NASBM - the National Association of School Business Management), which is the UK’s leading association for school business leadership professionals. Our Approved Partner status recognises ESPO’s commitment to its customers, as suppliers applying for approved status must be recommended by schools for their high level of service and provide supporting references.

Love British Food - Partner

ESPO are partners of Love British Food, the leading national promotion of British food and the only organisation that encourages retailers and the caterers responsible for sourcing food in our schools, hospitals and food outlets with the aim to make British food their preferred supplier of choice. They are also organisers of the annual British Food Fortnight, taking place 19th September - 4th October 2020.

LACA - Associate Member

ESPO are associate members of the Lead Association for Caterers in Education, an organisation which represents 1000 catering managers and suppliers in the education sector, providing 3 million lunches in 22,000 schools every day.  LACA aim to help the food industry work together to maintain high standards in the school catering service, and thus make a major contribution to the health of future generations.

Youth Sport Trust - Business Partner and Preferred Supplier

ESPO are a Business Partner to the Youth Sport Trust, providing its member schools with goods and services relating to sport, and the wider needs of their school. We aim to support schools and organisations that are involved in youth sport, as part of our on-going partnership agreement with the Youth Sport Trust, including commitment to their codes of conduct and principles of engagement.


Crown Commercial Service

We collaborate with Crown Commercial Service (and a number of other public sector procurement organisations) on a number of frameworks for the benefit of central and local government.

Collaboration brings together both procurement expertise and category expertise, resulting in better solutions for central and local government.


EduBuy is a partnership of public sector organisations, created in 2013 to provide schools and education establishments with choice and value when buying products and services.

Academies, schools and colleges can save time and effort by having quick and easy access to pre-negotiated, legally compliant procurement arrangements whilst achieving substantial savings and contributing to local efficiency targets.


Pro5 was a partnership between four (previously five) professional buying organisations all owned by local authorities: YPO, ESPO, NEPO and the Central Buying Consortium.

2015 marked the end of the Pro5 brand but we continue with strategic partnerships and collaborative working with these organisations and others, where this is beneficial to the public sector.

You can also read about the awards and accolades we have received.

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Zipped wallets


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