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Water coolers


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Voltage optimisation


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Fire extinguishers


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Document scanning


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Grass seed


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Mailroom equipment


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Library books


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Events security


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Unleaded petrol


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Jigsaw blades


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Kerbside recycling


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Quadbikes (mowers)


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Consultancy Services


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Builders materials


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Rubber stamps


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Networking equipment

FAQs - Legal

Accuracy of information

ESPO has tried to ensure that the information we publish on print and online is accurate. Our website is continually updated, and as such provides the most up to date information available.

Confidential information

Much of the information you may find in our printed materials, on our websites, and in our User Guides, is commercially sensitive. Public sector organisations have a duty of confidence towards such information, and you are required to treat it in confidence and not release it to the open market, as doing so may leave both you and ESPO exposed to legal claims. Your obligations as a customer (or potential customer) of ESPO can be found in clause 4 of our website terms and conditions.

OJEU framework permissible users

ESPO may supply goods and provide services to any “public body”, as defined in the Local Authorities (Goods and Services) Act 1970 (as amended). Further information about which organisations are eligible to use our services is available here.

Useful links

Classification of geographical areas referred to in OJEU notices:

UK/United Kingdom: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Administrative Regions of the United Kingdom/UK: All Local Government administered regions of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Regions in England: Reference may be made to the 9 highest tier of Regions:- East Midlands, West Midlands; East of England; South East; South West; North West; North East; Yorkshire & Humber; London, or to individual administering Councils. Click here for more information

Northern Ireland: Administered across 11 Districts of Northern Ireland (formerly 26 Districts until 1 April 2015): Click here for more information

Scotland: Administered across 32 Council areas: Click here for more information

Wales: Administered across 22 Council areas: Click here for more information

ESPO Member Authorities: Click here for more information

NUTS CODES: The European Journal template requires selection of a NUTS code (Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics) in an OJEU Notice, but regrettably, will not allow selection of more than one. Thus, where a notice refers to delivery/use in more than one specific region, but not throughout the UK, a NUTS code will be selected that best reflects the region of greatest use. Where a notice refers to delivery/use within more than one specific region and also throughout the UK, the NUTS code for 'UK' will be selected.

Classification of user organisations referred to in OJEU notices

Local Authorities: County, Unitary, District, Borough, and Metropolitan Councils (Parish and Community Councils are also permissible users) - please refer to the links in the relevant Sections above entitled: Regions in England; Northern Ireland; Scotland; Wales.

Educational Establishments: Nursery School, Primary School, Middle or High School, Secondary School, Academy, Special School, Pupil Referral Unit (PRU), Further Education Colleges, Universities.

Schools in England
Scottish Schools Online
Schools in Wales or
Schools Database Northern Ireland
Universities and Colleges

Police, Fire & Rescue & Maritime & Coastguard Agency Emergency Services:

NHS Bodies, the HSC (Northern Ireland) and Ambulance Services:

Government Departments and Agencies:
A listing of UK government departments can also be found here:

Registered Charities: 

Registered Social Landlords: Government-funded, not-for-profit organisations that provide affordable housing. They include housing associations, trusts and cooperatives.

Does ESPO have a statement on modern slavery?

The latest version of our Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement can be found here.

Are ESPO's frameworks compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation?

Crown Commercial Service issued Procurement Policy Note (PPN) 03/17 in December 2017, which concerns Changes to Data Protection Legislation and the General Data Protection Regulation.  Many of ESPO’s customers are public bodies that will be subject to the new Data Protection Legislation, even if they are not “In-Scope Organisations” that are required to follow the PPN.  ESPO is therefore taking steps to reflect the approaches set out in this PPN in its Framework Agreements and anticipates that its customers will also assure themselves that their individual call-off contracts comply with the new Data Protection Legislation, as the PPN envisages.
It should be noted this does not constitute legal advice, but is a description of an administrative process that ESPO and the rest of the public sector are taking. If – as the PPN anticipates – an organisation requires additional assurance or support, it should seek its own legal advice.


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