How to become an ESPO Supplier: 

Tendering for a public sector contract can sometimes seem a daunting task.  ESPO is here to help guide you through the process with straightforward advice and useful links to other websites that can provide further information on public sector procurement.

Most ESPO contract opportunities, including those we are letting on behalf of Pro5, are advertised on both the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) website and Contracts Finder, the UK Government-sponsored website.  This ensures compliance with EU and UK legislation requiring public sector contracts over a specified value to be advertised to the market as a formal structured process. Participation in the tender process is open to all those who respond to the advertisement.

We suggest that companies wishing to supply ESPO, and other public sector bodies, should monitor both these web sites on a weekly basis.  There are also a number of third party agencies that provide updates but these are subject to a fee.  You should apply for documents for each and every relevant opportunity.

All ESPO tender opportunities are also available for view on our website.  Visit the Current Opportunities section which is updated daily.

ESPO does not 'pre-register' companies or operate 'supplier lists'.  To find out if we operate a contract that encompasses a particular commodity product or service offering, companies should first make contact with the group buyer of the relevant section.  Such contracts are generally renewed on a regular basis and, whilst we may keep a record of companies that proactively approach us, this does not constitute any form of 'approval' or automatic delivery of documents.  To ensure participation in a tender process, companies must continue to monitor the above mentioned media and make individual applications for each opportunity.

Contracts for Strategic Procurement/Complex Service Provision are generally one-off requirements and advertised on behalf of our Member Authorities only as and when they engage our services.

If you offer a product or service that you feel may be of interest to ESPO and are unsure as to the relevant buying section, please contact Ian Cunningham, Contracts Admin Officer, who will be pleased to advise you.  He can be reached at 0116 265 7926 or email