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Just under 1 million ready made sandwiches are purchased through the Sandwich Framework each year and the most popular filling is BLT !

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ESPO provides a professional and comprehensive solution for the procurement of food, beverages and related services tailored to meet specific customer requirements.

Our established frameworks cover a wide range of food and beverages requirements.  They include:

  • Groceries and Provisions - including flours, sugars, fats and oils, cheese, canned fruits, biscuits, teas and, coffees  
  • Frozen Foods - including fish, meats, potato specialities, vegetables, buffet items, pastries and ice cream
  • Pasta and Wrap based meals - including meat and vegetarian options
  • Dairy products - including milk, cream and yoghurt
  • Bread and Morning Goods - including bread, rolls, muffins, cakes and pastries
  • Fresh Meat - including beef, pork, lamb, poultry and meat products
  • Sandwiches and Filled Bread
  • Frozen Ready Meals (suitable for meals at home)
  • Fresh Fruit, Vegetables, Potatoes and Salads
  • Soft Drinks, Bottled Water and Confectionery
  • Beers, Wines and Spirits
  • Vending Services
  • Delicatessen and Fine Foods (to be awarded in 2012)

All food and beverages are delivered direct to customers by the suppliers.

ESPO also offers a comprehensive range of services to support contract management.  They include: 

  • Interpretation of Management Information including KPIs
  • New Product development
  • Supplier liaison and accreditation for continuous improvement in the delivery of products and services
  • Regular contract review meetings with customers, both individually and collectively

We can also establish specific food, beverage and related services contracts for individual customers when our generic contracts do not cover the requirement.  We also provide support and guidance in undertaking Further Competitions under our frameworks.  Please contact us for further details. 


Why use ESPO for food and beverage procurement?

ESPO ensures best value and compliance with EU and UK legislation.  Our service is completely independent and auditable with all stages being fully documented.

We can undertake formal and compliant procurement exercises for food, beverages and related services taking into account all the factors that are important to you during the process including cost, provenance, safety, market trends and product appeal.

Some of our frameworks have been established collaboratively through partnerships with 'PRO5', the Cabinet Office, Government Departments and other bodies, giving the combined purchasing power to secure prices that are much more competitive than would be possible for customers to achieve if purchasing on their own. 

Whilst our frameworks cover a wide range of food, beverages and related services, we know that customers may have more bespoke requirements that may not be fully covered.  In such cases, ESPO will engage the market on your behalf to establish a specific contract to meet your needs or suggest alternatives that offer equivalent performance. 

ESPO is actively involved in the governance of Public Sector food procurement and is in regular liaison with the Children's School Food Trust, Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, Food Standards Agency, Defra and other public bodies.

If the food, beverage or related service you require is not listed above, please contact us.


For general enquiries, please contact food@espo.org OR call 0116 294 4162

For contact details relating to specific contracts / frameworks, please use the drop down selector in the right hand column of this page.

When contacting ESPO, it will be helpful to have the following information about your requirements to pass onto the buyer:

  • Detailed specification including a copy of your food policy
  • Important service factors such as price, service delivery, environmental factors
  • Service delivery commencement date - please note that it is always best to contact us as early as possible in the process to ensure we can meet your timescales
  • Any special requirements needed in the contract

We can then provide you with recommendations on available procurement options along with anticipated costs and timescales.