Our 2014/15 catalogue

At ESPO we work hard to bring you great prices every year and our current catalogue is no exception. In fact, so determined to bring you fantastic value we have held our prices on over half of our products listed in this catalogue (that’s more than 15,000 products). Not resting on our laurels, we’ve even included over 3,000 new lines too.

Stop, look and listen!

Our catalogue team do just this. They stop and take time to evaluate each listing they include, they look closely at market trends and embrace technological advances to continually add to our extensive range and importantly they listen. They value and take on board customer feedback to include exactly what you need.
For this reason we recommend you always check our website as the most accurate and up to date catalogue listing if you are looking for the very latest products; for example we now have iPad 4’s at the same price as iPad 2’s on sale and in 2014 we will be extending our range for education customers, working with you to embrace September 2014 national curriculum changes.

Download our e-catalogue

If your organisation uses a procurement system such as SIMS or Sage, you can load our catalogue information directly into this software for easy online ordering. Alternatively, if you do not have your own procurement system you can download ESPO's own desktop ordering system.

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