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R is for : Razor Blades
Stats & Facts
  • The ESPO warehouse measures 120,000 square feet and holds over 10,000 separate product lines
  • On average, 520,000 Kilograms are shipped to our customers every week directly from our warehouse
  • We deliver to around 6000 customers every week
  • On average, our warehouse staff pick 90,000 products for delivery to our customers every week


The benefits of using ESPO FOR CUSTOMERS are;

Comprehensive procurement service - whether or not you are experienced in public sector purchasing and need additional assistance, ESPO can help guide you through the process. We tender hundreds of framework contracts and 'mini competitions' every year and our experienced team is here to help you acquire the products and services you need at the best possible price and to a timescale that suits.

Purchasing power - ESPO is one of the UK's largest public sector professional buying organisations and is owned by seven member authorities. We are also a key partner of Pro5, which comprises five public sector buying organisations and has extensive buying power providing local authorities throughout England and Wales with access to a huge selection of public sector contracts covering many thousands of commonly ordered goods and services, all at highly competitive prices.

Full compliance with EU procurement regulations - Where spend on contracts is over a certain threshold, there are a number of rules that have to be applied to ensure fairness and transparency. For newcomers to purchasing, this may seem daunting, but ESPO is on hand to help negotiate the rules and regulations on your behalf and ensure that all purchases are fully compliant.

Choice of goods and services - ESPO's catalogues offer a range of around over 25,000 product lines to ensure our customers have the best choice of products in the market. We also offer the widest range of framework contracts, both pre-negotiated and bespoke, for a comprehensive range of services and solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

Strategic Procurement - ESPO has the expertise to help customers procure higher value goods and services. Our designated Strategic Procurement & Commissioning department can offer guidance and assistance throughout the process.

Cost savings - ESPO can save you money. We not only combine the buying power of our customers to procure the products you want at the best possible prices but the cost of our service remains low. Typically only around 1% of contract value is recovered which we normally charge to our suppliers, effectively making our service to you free of charge.

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The benefits of using ESPO FOR SUPPLIERS are;

Access to a vast customer base - Many of our framework agreements are open to regional or national customers. Suppliers awarded onto a framework are exposed to a larger potential public sector customer base than may otherwise be possible.

Potential to be awarded on high value framework agreements - ESPO has established many multi-million pound framework agreements. Organisations successfully awarded onto these agreements are eligible to benefit from the higher levels of customer spend.

Public sector customers amongst the most reliable payers - Public sector customers remain one of the most reliable and prompt payers of invoices. In fact, many meet the target time of 10 working days for paying invoices. This provides a reliable income stream for suppliers, something that is crucial in the current economic climate

Transparency of tendering procedures - Tendering procedures remain open and transparent, providing the opportunity for suppliers of every size, whether local or international, to bid for contracts. ESPO provides suppliers with comprehensive feedback on areas where their bids could be improved for future tendering exercises.

Dividing tenders into Lots - Many contracts are now split into lots using criteria such as region or product type. This is done to open up contracts to more suppliers and encourage SMBs (Small and Medium Sized Businesses) to bid and compete for these smaller value lots.

Tenders not just scored on price - Most of our tenders are scored taking into account price and quality factors to determine the most economically advantageous bid. This gives suppliers providing high quality products and services with an opportunity to be awarded onto the contract even though they may not be the cheapest.

Long contract periods - ESPO's frameworks are generally awarded for a maximum of four years. This gives suppliers the opportunity to derive significant benefits from customers purchasing from contracts for longer periods.

Incumbent suppliers don't have an advantage - When a contract is renewed, incumbent suppliers are not automatically given the business again. Incumbent suppliers have to re-apply and compete for the business again giving other suppliers an opportunity to win the business.

Marketing - ESPO actively markets its contracts and frameworks through a variety of media including a range of catalogues, websites and user guides. A field sales team provides customer support on a regional basis.

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