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H is for : Hygiene Services
Stats & Facts
  • We deliver to around 6000 customers every week
  • On average, 520,000 Kilograms are shipped to our customers every week directly from our warehouse
  • On average, our warehouse staff pick 90,000 products for delivery to our customers every week
  • The ESPO warehouse measures 120,000 square feet and holds over 10,000 separate product lines



ESPO is one of the UK's largest public sector professional buying organisations. It operates on a not-for-profit cost recovery basis and is committed to delivering best value to its customers, suppliers and local communities. 

Established in 1981 to provide a comprehensive procurement service to the public sector, ESPO has the purchasing power to achieve savings to pass on to customers. The value of ESPO's procurement activity in 2011/12 was more than £1 billion. 

ESPO serves: 

  • The Education Sector (Schools, Academies, Colleges and Universities)
  • Local Authorities
  • Central Government Agencies and Ministries
  • The NHS and Emergency Services (Blue Light Services)

ESPO was established in 1981 to provide a comprehensive procurement service to its member authorities which were the County Councils of Leicestershire and Lincolnshire. Cambridgeshire County Council joined the consortium later in the same year followed by Norfolk County Council in 1985 and Warwickshire County Council in 1991. The consortium expanded further in 1987 with the addition of Leicester City Council followed by Peterborough City Council in the following year.

We have come a long way since we first opened our doors at the Old Stores at Groby. ESPO now operates from a state-of-the-art 120,000 sq ft distribution facility at Grove Business Park, Enderby in Leicestershire where more than 350 staff are dedicated to providing customers with a rapid and efficient service.

What has not changed in all this time is our philosophy of delivering cost savings to customers by offering more choice, higher quality and best value.

In 2006, ESPO became a member of the Pro5 collaborative procurement group. We have been the lead authority on a number of national procurement projects.

ESPO's commercial experience, market insight, category expertise and best practice sourcing are key attributes that enable us to respond quickly and effectively to the changing dynamics of service delivery within the public sector. To ensure that we maintain our leading position in this market, we proactively collaborate with customers, Pro5 and other partners to engage markets, challenge current practices and develop innovative new commissioning and sourcing strategies.

This approach is supported by core values based on the theme 'Thinking the Future'.

They include:

  • Using knowledge to deliver value
  • Proactively taking the initiative
  • Collaborating with customers, Pro5 and other partners
  • Delivering customer-focused outcomes
  • Managing risk when striving for improvements
  • Benchmarking against the best to improve
  • Recognising and embracing change and challenges
  • Enabling staff to achieve organisational and individual goals